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R.O.K DeathMatch Ring: Fire

Sir Lord Alpyne

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th_0fire.gif th_113_.gif th_0fire.gif





R.O.K DeathMatch Ring Series, 1st Entry.

more to come folks, so keep ya eyes out.


~~ Low-Rez

~~ Animated

~~ Super Jump

~~ kustom BGM with sfx, kut by yours truly f529a952.gif


special thanx to MarkPachi for color & sprite help, HankVenture, MOTVN, GLB, & Vegaz Parrelli, for tha sprites i gank'd to help make this kreation, & to Excahm, who might have a zoom/WS version kreated soon, i'll keep y'all posted.



anywho, enjoy dem shitz. one.gif

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thanx for tha luv y'all, 'preciatecha!  :awesome



I already have the Zoom version done but first....

I think could try a lower start Y for the layered flames and add some trasparency to the background flames too.



if you got it done, then what tha chizz you waitin' on? send me dem shitz already, mofo!  :=D:

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