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    1. WOMEN...SEXY WOMEN! LOL. Fighting games, action adventure games, some shooters and rpg's, hanging out with my 2 kids, exercising, being a pimpin Lando. Enjoy good books , poetry , art of various kinds, watching funny flicks and of course my old school kung fu movies and godzilla flicks. Some horror movies and always always anime! I am an old head that love the 80's classic cartoons and the early 70's ones too. I have more interests than this message box can hold. lol.

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  1. Happy birthday Lando, hope you have a good day man.

  2. Happy bday, homie. Keep it pimpin and be blessed.

  3. Happy Birthday, Lando!

  4. Hey CROM Lando, happy b-day! :D

  5. Happy Birthday Man! hope you enjoying it. :-)

  6. Thanx for the replies and feedback! Indeed i will jave to fix the yellow portion on the jacket line up cause its scraggly. Oh most certain fix the boobs! Lol. The legs i can certainly edit those a couple pixels over. I wanted her to have a semblence of thickness so def gotta make it look better. Will fix and thanx for the feedback! The 3d cel shade model wont have all those mishaps i pray.
  7. Had started this a while ago but was different (Skin tone especially since was using a base ) . Referenced her model for a anime design of my Son Mom and just decided to go in depth more to finish the look. Character concept for my future android adventure/3d fighting game . Wanted to do more add on details but imma keep it a tad simpler for the 3d cell/toon shade model next year. Actually might add another ponytail to her and just one other add on and slim her eyes just a wee bit. Not sure tho. RED Ryha Wanted to finally finish her since i got stuff to do on my commercial works and helps around mugen. Still gonna finish my Image Comic sprite run but cut in half how many since i am gonna be major busy soon. I wanna do a Megaman maverick and got one in mind to complete in a full sprite sheet and code or get it coded. Got 4 mugen wips and 3 will be finished and release either 2 of 3 next year. Peace folks!
  8. Got some hot sprites in here man and i am definetly feeling those hr Melty blood ones! Need more of those bro! Keep it up man cuz these are fire!
  9. Decided to do this one in a low res style. Started her off in HR but figured i try her in low res first instead. I had to make a correction to her leg so now she better i suppose. Still got more comin in both HR and low res. Still workin on some mid res ones also. Image Comics : Suprema More on the way. Doin a couple request sprites also and a sideline sprite.
  10. Trying out different styles blended to make one style for each. Some detailed and some standard but ok on the looks. Saving the hardest ones for last. So i am basically practicing to get better in comics sprites like this. Thanx everybody for the comments, i really appreciate it a lot. Another cool drop for yall. GUARDIANS OF THE GLOBE : Pegasus Couldnt find a lot of info on her and different comics had different looks but this is basically her primary look i seen around. She was cool to make till i got to the wings and logo. Lol. I wasnt sure how to go with the wings for this style. I didnt want them too realistic and wanted them still kinda toony to fit the style vs the comic. Plus i am not the best at hair ( gettin there tho lol ) and makin angel wings . Still workin more on faces and poses. Got more babes comin plus a couple dudes for a change up. Not sure which ones i am ready to show yet as some i am makin adjustments and changes and the others i respriting different. Could be Glory, Caitlin Fairchild, this black nice babe i did already and workin on fixes and Aphrodite IX. Idk yet but they comin peoples. Enjoy. Hopefully i didnt miss a spot and got loose pixels out of this one. :salute: Edit: Oh i had to make a few slight fixes on her i noticed a few loose pixels, i decided to adjust her waist line since it was too long for my taste ( image comic i used for reference she had this long looking torso lol ) and i made it now look normal, adjusted wing end and fixed her nose bit better. Ok i think it looks much better now. lol
  11. thanx bro!! Actualy ....yes and no , lol. . Its a kof13 style (size wise and some bases) on Freefall broken down in sprite pixel style close to a P4A like style. On Atom Eve again its kof13 broken down and into either p4a or blazblue but not as big sprites on both. P4a and blazblue are huge sprites while deki is a tiny bit smaller but much bigger than kof 13 sprites, i am fusing styles but making them comic like so they can flow a lil. Never done comic characters in these styles since best reserved for anime characters but i am learning to improve them to make them look comic worthy at least. Lol. Imma get better at it. Guess i am try to make a new style. Workin on a some mid res stuff also. Havent touch on Denki fully other than one i am workin on more. She should turn out cool. @ Galvatron - thanx bro! Got more comin too. Its all Image , Top cow, Wildstorm and Youngblood characters i am doin. No marvel or DC. We got plenty of those being done and by great artists. So i wanna do some love to the others no one really tries to do. There are more comics than just marvel and dc out here and they need some sprite love. Lol Workin on a Grifter, Pegasus, Aphrodite IX, kymberli, some nice black babe, The Ant and her human form and several others right now. Got plenty more to come after them too. 3 month sprite run. Lol
  12. Lawd this took me awhile. Lol. Still i see i got some adjustments to fix up a bit when i can, and maybe redo the hair more like i really wanted. When for an easier design on the hair but imma touch on that again. Enjoy till next drop. Z999 Request....... Atom Eve. Rework her logo a tad with more detail i left out. Got few more comin too. Workin on a black sexy babe, finish up caitlin fairchild , some chick named Pegasus and couple more to complete for a set showing. Might hi res Aphrodite IX instead of the low res edit i got halfway done...might just show both. :salute:
  13. Hey folks, i wanted to share some stuff i will be doing for 2 to 3 months of spriting comics only.....but not marvel or DC. I am doing Image comics - Wildstorm, Youngblood and Top Cow stuff only. They will be in either hi res, mid hi res or low res. I never done comics in HR before so imma take some cool stabs at certain characters in it. My list thus far and a few already started: The Ant ( 90 % complete ) Atom Eve ( Hr complete...Z999 request lol ) Pegasus (50% complete and HR ) Freefall ( completed ) Outrun ( hr but might revert to LR 20% complete ) Suprema ( 50 complete ) Caitlin Fairchild ( 30% complete ) Aphrodite IX ( 40% complete ) Tiffany ( 20% complete Hr ) Abby chase ( done long ago cvs style ) Once a couple others are done these are next up: Psilence Leena Creel Hooridus Shaft Diehard ( already lookin for a good base ) Celestine Eliya Kymberli ( base hand drawn and some frankensprited and just needs to be done ) Rapture Mighty Man ( have a base and just needs to be edited ) Dominique thibaut Supervision Anahita Alessandra Fermi I got more but may take some cool submissions if any got them but must be from image comics ( top cow, wildstorm, youngblood.....but i got most i personally wanna do ) some are very tedious cause of add ons and very minute details. This should be fun cause Atom Eve actually turning out cool so far in HR. Ok time to kickstart this Image comics and so on other than comics marvel and DC sprite fest off. :cool This took 13 hours of editing, frankenspriting, scratch spriting, shading and reshading. I might got some spots that def can be fixed better . First time trying to make comic book characters in this style which i usually only reserve for anime scale since it works best for anime .....but i am thinkin it can be done. =P~ Gen 13 member : Freefall Workin on next up to show is a Z999 request he did in a thread..Atom Eve. Then onto finish the remaing of a The Ant, Caitlin Fairchild , Outrun and 4 others i started up. Done 13 nude bases of hi res and low res sprites and some new positions. Couple are hand drawn and mixed up of resized sprites and heavily edited. Wanted to show 2 off today but i got to work in a few . So maybe tomorrow or by end of weekend i show 2 to 3 more off. Hope yall like her. :thumbsup: Cool bro Z999 hooked me up with better suggestiin on fixing face and volume hair. Now she looks perfect! Thanx Z999, imma keep focusing on this and improve more on the others . Get them faces right for dang sure! Alol
  14. lovely work done bro!!!! This one i like the most. Looks like DA person Onika style i also follow. You did an outstanding job here man. Keep it up!!
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