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How to code scorpion spear?



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I will think of a way right now and I'm gonna explain it (As I said, I just tought about it so it may not work or may not even do anything at all but it may help to some degree).


First I'd have four animations: 2 for scorpion (or whatever is) using the move (one where he throws the spear and one where he pulls it back) and 2 for the spear (or the thing being used) (one of the spear being thrown and one of it comming back).

After that, I'd create an state where scorpion (or anyone) uses said (trhowing something) animation. Then, on that very same state I'd code a helper. This helper would be the spear (or thing) being thrown at the opponent. Of course, it would use the being thrown animation XD.

In any case, after doing that I'd add a throw into the helper so that it can catch the opponent upon being hit. Then, using that very same helper (and still using the same throw) I'd pull him towards scorpion (or anyone). How?, you may wonder, weeelll, I'd play a bit with times velocities and/or positions until I get what I want.

Finnaly, After I did that I'd just free my opponent from said move BUT, not freeing him at all. Instead, I'd send him to a custom state to stay dizzy for a while.

AAAAAAAANNNDDD, that'd be all. Again, I just imagined it so it may not work at all, but maybe it works (me wants to try now :D). So, as you can tell from my (not so) crazy ideas, it's just a matter of imagination. If this isn't the kind of answer you were expecting you can ask for another or wait for it or... I don't know fly to mars :D, But anyway, I hope this helps at least remotely. Now I'm gonna try these (not so) crazy things I just wrote :D. bie-bie

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