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BSB Ridley Released by BaganSmashBros(01/17/2014)


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Note: i don`t know what does "has no target with -1 id" means and how to fix it. And both his tail and projectiles lack blue clsn boxes because they should lack them. If i will ever try to change it, i will add something that doesn`t even barely fits Ridley like Shouryuken or some kind of eye lasers. And everyone saying "TOO BIG" will be shot in head.
Well, while i was bored and internetless, i decided to finally make this Ridley...in MvC style. I started to like this style for some reasons...Anyway, i think this Ridley is best non-boss Ridley available. If someone ever downloaded MOM Ridley from Mugen Wiki, you will feel difference between this characters. I used either MvC or DCvM template, but i edited it and now it doen`t looks like this template. And it wasn`t EOH one. If you will find bugs that i didn`t listed - tell me. And i need help with Intro and Ending (not programming help, i need script help). Includes special intro against Samus.

And that is big colorloss actually, but not too visible. 

Moveset includes 6 specials, 6 hypers, guard push and basic stuff. Has 12 simple "palletes", 3 intros, 6 winning animations, continue animation and dizzy animation.


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again, the untidy edges and colorloss discouraged me.

Don't be, he's a beautiful and fun character! The only difference I'd recommend is switching his D,DF,F a+b and D,DB,B,a+b hypers, along with their power reqs since the 3rd hyper is pretty much a 3rd tier killer that knoicks off about 70% life. Also the ground drag move should be powered down heavy or at least switched to the only usable specials on that should be the weakest one. Other than that and a few graphic touch-ups, he's a amazing and FUN character who could be a boss and usable

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I seriously need to ask the people praising this thing: have any of you actually TRIED playing as or fighting against this thing?


  • Fireball Super has literally 0-1 frame startup right after the super pause, and almost 0 recovery frames.
  • Fireball Special can hit crouching opponents, yet Fireball Super does not. Feels extremely inconsistent.
  • Command Grabs can hit airborne opponents. Not only that, but they can also hit opponents during HITSTUN, which is a big no no.
  • Ground Grind Command grab by itself does 50% life in damage.
  • From what I can tell, his level 3 grab is an OHKO, coupled with the same issues his other grabs have.
  • Absolutely no damage dampening of any kind, which only makes the last issues even more problematic.
  • Launcher causes fall to p2. Considering that the template was obviously based on MvC, if you've ever played an actual MvC game then you'll know just how wrong this is.
  • All of his moves are pretty much safe on both hit and block.
  • If you thought his damage output was crazy, he also sports 2000 life.

If this thing was meant as normal character then it seriously needs alot of work.

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Update [1/23/2014]





List of changes:
Actually, i forgot what i changed, but now he has reworked animations (still no CLNS for head because its hard to do because of his neck and angle of the head), new win animation and stage included for him. Also, he now has new lv3 hyper, Mega Flare. Most moves are balanced now and flamethrower special is improved and opponent is on fire if hit.
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Update [1/27/14]





List of changes:
-Added voice to Frenzy hyper
-Added new untitled lv3 hyper
-Added new lv5 hyper - Thoat Slicer
-Now he has 5 power bars, but 2 extra bars can be used after 1st match and only if you have less that half of the lifebar
-Now each fireball special has fireballs flying at different - from slow to fast
-Few minor fixes
-Added Standard acknowledgement thing...what it is required for anyway?
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