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[1.0] A stage that shows appreciation towards Steam's Holiday Sale


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Download Here *1/1/2014 - Stage Updated!!*
Password: HL3

You can download them using Clipconverter.cc

Here's a hint regarding the stage:
No Screenshots, just praises and love for Gaben, the leader of the new utopia.
Also, I wasn't able to add any fancy animations because my video editing software is fucked up right now.
Side Notes

Based on Attack on Titan /Inspired by Gabe Newell
- This stage is my way of practicing BGCTRLs and Parallax.
- Dissidia and EXShadow are two awesome people.
- Special thanks to Yagami Yuu of MFFA for lending me a hand and explaining parallax.
- Parallax implemented as of Jan. 1, thanks to Davismaximus!
- Gaben is the God of the computer world.
- The Illuminati is real.
Add my new Steam account!
PussyDestroyerElite / markligeralde
I play Left 4 Dead 2 and No More Room In Hell.

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