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Making character an arcade boss but not playable?



I'm sure this is insanely easy, I've made him the boss but I don't know how to make him un-playable. I've tried taking him off the roster but that doesn't work. Again, pretty sure i'm just being a dumb ass.

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In your system.def, make it so that the mouse cursor cannot move over empty select boxes (moveoveremptyboxes = 0), and in your select.def, make sure the boss is impossible to reach from another select box.

Essentially this:

Posted Image


It is impossible to select the two at the bottom of the screen (they're actually off-screen) because of how they are positioned. The only way to select bosses if you do this method is through a randomselect box, but as you can see, I don't have one :P


The empty select boxes are set to invisible (showemptyboxes = 0), in case you were wondering.

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