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plz.. add a rainstorm in my stage (my life depends on it)



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your life depends on it? then you better learn quickly.




Regardless,I don't know why RA says he does not want to do it himself. It would benefit him much more if he learns to do it on his own.


Just to make things clear : we do NOT do these kinds of things for you, we can however assist you by telling you how to do it or give you some excellent tutorials. It's even mentioned by Ryon in the posting rules if you've even read them to begin with.


In any case, it's nice that you created a stage (especially since you are new to it) and ask for help here to give it the finishing touch. Best of luck ;)

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bcoz i am lazy and i have my school home workssssssssss


Actually that's no excuse whatsoever.


You say you're lazy yet expect us to finish your work for you and hand it over?


And sure, I can believe you have home work to do but that shouldn't stop you completely from finishing your own stage.


Like I said, we are here to HELP you, not to do WORK  for you. Regardless of the fact you're lazy or not, I'm still convinced that if you take the time and get the help you need, either by tutorials or other people's experiences/tips, you'll be able to finish your own stage.


Heck, If I'd be making a stage, I'd feel much better knowing I finished it on my own (with the occasional help from people like the ones who reside here at MFFA or tutorials) than when I'd make it but let other people finish it so to speak.


You do know we have a tutorial section in the Help forum right? Have you looked over there yet to see if you can find what you're looking for?

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Anyway,my Sega Saturn "Tree of Might" stage has the rain effect in the foreground and the Sega Genesis "Boiling Namek" stage has a lightning effect in it.  Feel free to use whatever for ideas, graphics, etc.  They are on this page http://www.gohanssm.com/stage.html

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