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Cry Me A River by Vegaz


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It's pointyyyyyy!


For old times sake...

On a river, peaceful and serene. Where monuments and statues once stood in dedication of great deities and demi gods. Two combatants prepare for battle. But this is only a sparring match. For not only are they rivals...they are also friends. Lovers perhaps. Mai and Andy. It's where Mai has trained for years. With Hanzo, Mai's grandfather and trainer, in the distance Andy and Mai prepare for the Iron Muscle Bomber tournament. Andy knows that Geese and the seemingly more powerful Krauser will be waiting. Mai wants to prove herself but also enjoys spending time with Andy. Its wise of her to enjoy herself...as the tournament will be full of pain and struggle.

Had to go back to my roots on posting, heh. FFS Mai stage with super jump, looped custom bgm and zoom(1.1ver). Thanks to Kuroneko for the original. Now...stay focused!

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