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Last Train Home HD REMAKE


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Hey Guys this is going to be one of my last of the fast batch releases I have been doing. 
Some of you may of noticed I was releasing stages rather quickly. I have spent countless  LONG nights for over a month Coverting, creating, designing. I did this because I knew my time would be limited, and wanted to give you guys as much as I could in the time I had. 
 I have made quite a bit of friends here and even made a couple devoted fans. Couldnt ask for more. 
I still will linger around mugen and do a conversion here or there. But, obligations and passions I had before mugen stage creation is back in
full circle. I only planned to release a few ideas of stages I wanted for my full project. But with the astounding appreciation you guys showed it pushed me to do more. I have went through every SF3/VERSUS SERIES. stage trying and prying to convert them. I have failed at so many that you guys wouldnt believe, being close everytime only to be turned away towards the end. I realized that the full conversion of most stages in the style I do just isnt possible.   Reasons why most to all my releases where remixes or matchups. I wanted to give someone that feeling I HAD when I would see my favorite creator, or character Ive been waiting for upload appear in the forum. 
Man I have threw away soooooo much! SMH. But when I did release one you guys made it worth the fight. Thank you for the experience. To the authors who motivated me, thanks. To the fans and friends I gained, thanks. To all who care. See you around PEACE! -A.M. 
35 STAGE RELEASES!!!!!!!!!! 
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