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[Emblem of Red ReShuffle] Mikoshiba (Day & Night) & Gate


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Mikoshiba (Day)

Posted Image


Mikoshiba (Night)
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Few more doujin fighter maker stages after a while. Credit to Swordsman-Kai for ripping the sprites.


They aren't actually animated, just few velocities. Superjump are supported (kinda). BGM are included. Winmugen+ and 1.0 compatible.

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ahh,snow...I haven't missed any stage with snow

thanks for sharing


P.S have you recived my PM on MFG with My SFEX stage rips?

if you didn't,go and check it out


I got it but Toaster said SFEX stages has been made before.



Good job.


Who's that Kula edit.


It's AR026-P by...i forgot the author.

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the first two stages remind me of Shiki Ryougi's stage from Melty Blood, also if you don't mind, can you send me her as well?


You're referring to AR062-P right?



no problem then ryoucchi

maybe I'll find something else...


Sorry but we always intend to make stages that hasn't been made before Duck >.<

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