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Ogre by Maitake released (11/11/2013)


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This Ogre is aweseome.

If one set the DEF and Attack up it makes

a very good boss.

Since even with this.

One can spam attacks and combos

but have still to be careful for the Ogre.


This char moves slow but seems

not being stopped when it makes

a special move.

One has to see that it counter

while being hit.

It also does not spam attacks but

blocks for a good part.


Most attacks are fire based

and the sort of resistance

and slow speed gives sort of

feeling really fighting a strong char

who takes all attacks and then counters.


It is actually like watching Wrestling Shows,

where the pro's seem to loose and then

get back and getting tough.

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I just finished watching Orge nicovideo sample and I must say this is an awesome piece of original MUGEN work!  All the moves suit this Orge very much, especially those auto-guard/armor moves! I didn't know MMD contents can be mugenized too!  Maitake you are a creative MUGEN creator!


Downloading now..........

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