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Gorilla by Masukenpu-kun Released [10/14/13]


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Wholly Molly!  The first time I saw this MUGEN character release, a FC/NES game popped up in my head in no time:


King Kong 2, made by Konami (my favorite King Kong video game):






In the Konami King Kong 2 FC/NES the Kong can do punches, stomps, and rock throws.




For my personal reference, I will change Gorilla name to King Kong 2, then change its banana throw to rock throw, and add a hop-and-stomp special move, and keep the rest intact.


Simple yet creative and effective release, good job Masukenpu-kun!  :bath:

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If you make it, can you share it please?


I just did a Gorilla to King Kong 2 MUGEN patch, if you are interested then please go to the Your Edit's forum to get that:


What I edited:





* in case you ask, the Gorilla author Masukenpu-kun mentioned in Gorilla.txt that, edit permission has been granted *

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