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Dragonforce Screenpack BGM Set

Sir Lord Alpyne

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my 1st [& only thus far, but more to come folks.....] complete screenpack bgm set release, made to be used with various screenpacks [duuuh!] for Mugen. i originally started kuttin' these for myself, for good reason [the "read me" explains this], but then, thanx to the influences of the good folks here at my 2nd home, i decided to share my work with the Mugen Community. i work'd hard enough on doin'em, & even went so far as to grind out 2 extra bgms to add to the set on the day i released it to the masses.

btw: be sure to listen to the tracks completely at least the 1st time you hear'em, as i sometimes [often more than not xD] tend to switch things up a bit, usually about mid-way thru a joint. you've been warn'd.

anywho, i hope y'all enjoy dem jointz. Posted Image

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well hot damn. dude i checked out the title select and vs. fucking BOSS. thats all i gotta say. where as the loop is noticeable on the title screen at least to my ears (you know i got that super sayajin hearing) its minor and not even bad or anything. select is freaking amazing. great job with that one as well. vs. sweet, short, and epic. now this pack i truely love from you buddy.

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incidentally, that particular Title Screen track i used for the preview here was the very 1st track i ever kut together for the purpose of formin' a slight loop. i could've just as easily redone it a long while ago, i decided against doin' so becuz it shows not only my beginings, but also my growth as far as my bgm kuttin' is concern'd. it's like my own 1st $1 bill, so i'm quite proud of it.

also Ultra, i kut & kreated the instrumental myself from this original track:

Hey alp...How do you loop songs?I use FL studio but it isn't very accurate...I can't get precise timing in the loops and they are pretty bad...

my weapon of choice is the Wavepad Sound Editor, Master Edition. it's been very good to me. i don't plan on usin' nothin' else for my kuts, except for Format Factory e'ry now & again.

he finds a loop. he finds a way.

1 of the most accurate & epic posts said about me e-v-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-h!!! :awesome

maybe i should make that a catch-phrase. hmmmmm.....


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Heh...Wavepad Sound Editor. I too use that. It's great for looping,cuz it allows you to zoom in on the very instant where a loop is possible. But im sure you already knew that, eh Alp? :troll: It has a few cool features as well. But I use the free one. It used to be my main weapon but It's mainly for looping purposes now. My main weapon is Virtual DJ. I've gotten pretty good with it, but I feel like I still haven't quite mastered it yet. But it has alot of potential. Which is good...

...cuz so do I.

I'm sure I've said this before, but these tracks are superb. Nothing less from the Infamous Alpyne_D...

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zoomin' in for loop kuttin'?! ugh, how.....droll. Posted Image

my finely-tuned ear [along with timing & some other chizz] takes care of that. ya boi ain't a Loop Master for nothin', ya know..... Posted Image:truestory:

& you only mainly use WP for loopin' purposes, eh? so what you're sayin' is that you don't use it at all then? :troll: :troll:

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