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Autumn River [A.k.a. Peace] By Neogouki

Sir Lord Alpyne

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NeoGouki's site

stage + kustom bgm:
Posted Image


a pretty kool stage here. the bgm made for this stage was kut by request from our very own Yuyu. she gave me the basic building block for what she wanted the bgm to kinda be like, & just wanted me to make it whole, so, in essence, she co-kreated this 1 with me. thanx Yuyu! Posted Image

enjoy dem shitz.

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alp you make the best bgm ever. when I play this stage and here the beautiful sound that u created I feel like the stage is coming alive and feel so real. to be honest the every look so live. if u have 7.1 surround sound you freak out. that what I am using for sound

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