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Pach, do it dammit, do it naoh. & make sure ShoNuff's in it, it's imperative. :truestory:


also work on 1 for Watta's chump self  :troll:

warning: this next part of my post is gonna sound pretentious & elitist, tho it's not my intention; to all that know me tho, you know that's not my way, nor is it R.O.K.'s way, but this issue has to be handled. with that bein' said.....


as for you, Baka: if you are not, were not invited by [& if you were, at least 3 of us would know about it], or was not 1ce named Alpyne, Vegaz, MarkPachi, ZombieBrock, WattaWright, dbdrummer, or Leo, then regardless of your friend status with any of us, your post doesn't go in this sect. if you have interest in bein' R.O.K., then you need to talk to us 1st, not just attempt to ram your way in, it doesn't work that way. put thought to that.



since we're on tha new member(s) subject, i'd like my fellow mems to consider/weigh in on 2 i'd like to join tha fold, if they'd wish: Genesis, & Excahm. thoughts?

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+1 to that entire post. Excahm has been my friend for a while. I've seen him improve and take notes. He's long since earned my respect as a creator. I'd seen Gen in the forums but it wasn't till a certain chain of events that I have brought up numerous times but will not elaborate on that I got to know Gen. I respect his code of honor...you can only be called something when you've earned it.

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agreed. which is why i think he'd be an excellent edition [not to mention tha fact that he's like tha 2 of us in a few ways xp]. & i've been friends/troll rivals with Excahm for a ways now, & tha thought of grabbin' him has been in brain for quite some time, but tha timin' didn't seem right.....until now. i'm lookin' to see what some of tha others feel about it tho, before we go forward & chizz. 


meanwhile, go dink on Saikoro & Kaze a bit, corrupt'em to tha way of R.O.K. Posted Image

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