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Orochi Iori XIII & Boss Saiki in Old SNK/ KoF Styles

Ishiro The Third

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Doesn't really looks like SNK-ish for me, but, good addition to collection i guess.


Also added the image preview for you.

Thanks Dude ><'

Is a spriteswap from KFM and sprites based on mukai and Neo Geegus/ Neo Dio (I Think)  


Orochi Iori has some different moves?

Yes, he heve... Is a very good char ^^'

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It's only a matter of time before we get more XIII to Old KoF style conversions. I wonder if people noticed that if they downscale the XIII sprites, it'll have, if not direct, close similarities with the old style.

That must be it ... But to get slammed by old styles of KoF; Is very similar, and it's a lot better than nothing, right?

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