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Training In Forest REDUX

Sir Lord Alpyne

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Posted Image






Training In Forest REDUX





what's been added:

*mini intro

*increased Super Jump

*beaming light anim




as a way of celebratin' R.O.K.'s recent accomplishment, ZombieBrock & ya boi Alpyne are releasin' this update for tha Forest Training stage we've been tinkerin' with. it's not tha greatest, but it doesn't suck too much either, i think..... Posted Image



anywhatty, enjoy dem shitz peeps Posted Image

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well..... isn't that point of ducking is to avoid gettin' hit? i mean hey, boxers use this technique to dodge attacks & counter-punch all tha time, so it makes sense enough. simple, no? Posted Image


besides, if it's block'd or avoided, it can be severely punish'd [as seen in tha vid], & since it's a level 2, tha slight moment of given invincibility is fair enough, especially considerin' tha downside of failure.


no worries tho, becuz Keith & Marco aren't done with each other just yet, not by a longshot :truestory:




btb: thanx for tha good words y'all, glad you dig it. i might try to see if i can find/add some foreground to it. if any1 has/finds some direct sources of anythin' that can possibly be implemented, based mainly on tha feedback/suggestions stated here.

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