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Android 18 UB22/SB Updated


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Here I come with an updtate of my old GohanSSM2 creation edit, Android 18.

-Replaced all the sprites by Shin Butoden Sprites. Some UB22 sprites were adapted to SB ones thought.
-new intros, new winposes
-AI remaked again
-Rush move remaked too.
-get-up from lie down system from SB game: if you push forward or back button, the char will get-up such that it will hurt the opponent.

Big credits to G.o.D. (God of Death - Alex Sinigaglia) for explanation of this get-up system & for ripping  SB sprites.






link = http://mugenlair.freesmfhosting.com/index.php/topic,7230.0.html

Comments are welcome, enjoy.


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