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Tekken 3 1.0 LifeBars

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originally kreated by Kyokano






Posted Image


extracted from Kyokano's kick-ass Tekken 3 1.0 SP, which can be cop'd here




i had kut this a while ago. did nothin' too grand really, just tweak'd tha snd a bit, & kut/changed/enhanced tha powerbar level-up sound so where tha announcer calls out tha levels, up to 9.


sometimes it's all about tha little things, right?  :awesome



anywho, enjoy dem shitz Posted Image

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yep, they're 640x480 bruh, & i feel you on that over-sized LBs point.


Man that fight was EPIC! And the bgm was fuel to the epic fire! Nice bars, but I enjoyed the video more more than anything. I also didn't hear the powerbar sounds...


if you didn't hear "1! 2! 3!" almost every time they level'd up [char/BGM sounds sometimes overlap'd them], then you wasn't listenin' good enough, sucka!


but yeah, i truly dig watchin' this vid from time-to-time myself, bruh; tha fight was great, tha BGM i kut was just a tad bit tricky to get tha echo just right, but it work'd out okay i believe, & tha quality wasn't too shabby. i'd say that out of tha few little vids i've done, this is 1 of tha vids that i have a bit more pride about than some of tha others. & tha 1 thing i definitely did not see comin' or have plan'd that was so frickkin' awesome about this battle my dude was:




i dunno 'bout you, but to me when tha fellas do it it's kool, but when ladies do it kidd, it just seems a bit more impactful! i thoroughly enjoy'd kreatin' it, i sure as chizz enjoy watchin' it, & i hope others do too. Posted Image

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Yea the staredowns where what came to my mind as well. With those insane combos you were doing with King, its a wonder how Karin stood toe to toe with you. Well... actually that Karin was far from a push over. It looked like POTS but I'm not sure. He made my favorite Karin, but I didn't remember her being so awesome. Just be glad she didn't wip out that awesome level 3. Lol!

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