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Werewood Cyber Shredder Patch (SFF, palettes, etc)

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4Shared Folder  Select Cyber_Shredder_Patch.zip



I released this as a patch because I'm nice or something.


So anyways, Werewood's Shredder was by far the best as far as the coding, but the sprites were prescaled with bilinear filtering (NOOOOO!).  So what I've done is converted the sprites to a ~20 color palette which, with the help of only one "botch" color, restores the sprites to the ingame palette and looks pretty good.  As a bonus, you can actually custom palettes now.


I've also fixed an animation bug and a cns bug.  Characters need to be in liedead state until the match ends, yo.  Be sure to check what I've changed before you go dumping this into your cyber_shredder folder if you've made your own edits!

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<p>&gt;&gt; the sprites were prescaled with bilinear filtering (NOOOOO!)<br />

Sorry when I was trying to mugenize C.Shredder I couldn't find any proper rips, so I had to rip by myself.&nbsp; And, I got used to apply ugly filter to make him look bigger (as I totally ignored to use to MUGEN scaling).</p>


<p>Thank your for fixing my old C.Shredder SFF, ACT, and CNS!&nbsp; Now I have to go to re-get my old C.Shredder and to use your cool patch!&nbsp;</p>


<p>And you should have added your name to the DEF:<br />

Author = &quot;Werewood &amp; NotAGoodName&quot;<br />

<br />

P.S. NotAGoodName is indeed a good name <img class="bbc_emoticon" src=" heeee.gif" title=":heeee:" /></p>


<p>&gt;&gt; Like it, good work... would like to see some new small &amp; big portrait for him. Just a suggestion...<br />

Yes!&nbsp; Improve my MUGEN stuff as much as possible!&nbsp; Remember to put your name in!</p>

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