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Double Dragon Mugen Remake[Kind Of] by ZombieBrock and LightflareDaRealist

Lord Batros

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This is A compilation game But With a Few Changes to it and Running on Mugen 1.1


Ok this is a kind of Mugen Version of the NEO GEO version of the Double Dragon fighter, i used the newly released Double Dragon for the Screenpack , most of the characters are made by Descolor all other credit given to them for their creations, all characters are tied to their respective stages as well as having a sub boss and Boss assigned so to help to give it a somewhat arcade game feel, all of the stages come with zoom in and zoom out much like the game in the arcades and all have bgm, also no one to my knowledge has ripped the games lifebars so i had to use the ones it came with,sorry, im simply not a fan of them




Me for idea and bringing in lightflare to help make this work right lol oh and character gathering and stage gathering


Lightflare for Editing the stages,fixing the select Def and editing the BGM, truth be told this could me more of your release, not ours lol thanks so much again my friend

JocaSD ;for making the double Dragon screen Pack
and as said earlier all credits to the Creators of the characters and stages , thanks for putting in the work so this game was possible

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Link is up now so Download if u like , also please keep in mind that this was just for fun, its not an official full game or anything so no need to critique the hell out of it lmao also maybe an update to it , depends on how blue wants to proceed on that, just enjoy it k  

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A NeoGeo Double Dragon MUGEN1.1 game!  How cool!  Hope someone will mugenize a NG DD life bar!   One small thing, the Rebecca small portrait is too big for the character select screen?

Yep. Actually, all the ports need to be adjusted. This may be taken care of in an update. It will probably be the ONLY update. As Brock said, this was just for fun. Enjoy!
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