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AI Patch for Jill, Seth and Bluestreak by Jadeeye


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Hi everyone,
I have made these A.I for Jill, Seth and Bluestreak.
Jill by DivineWolf:
Posted Image
Seth by Human (Mr.Karate edited):
Posted Image
Bluestreak by Jesuszilla:
Posted Image
- Seth and Bluestreak use their spell to overpower their opponents, they don't have a real combo.
- Jill offensive more comprehensive, she can attack with her long range special or melee attack with her combo and super.
I also improve Seth's system:
- EXPiledriver Attempt and Yoga Teleport no longer be interrupted by hit
Have enjoy!
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Can you make an ai patch for Jesuszilla's Felicia. I can't find any good ai patches for her. Also when Bluestreak's ai does ''THE KNEE'' attack he almost never does the the follow up ''Electrocutioner'' to deal more damage. Can you also make his taunts choosable instead of random. Sorry to bother you but Bluestreak is my favourite mugen character and I want his ai be godly so I can make him a boss. It would be awesome if his ai taunts at enemies when he is beating the crap out of them especially that laugh of his lol.

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