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SDK Shiina Yuya update 2013-05-26


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Guess I could learn Chinese from you.


If i were you then I'd have Deleted the Nothitby Treatment and the hitboxes.


And I will try my best to report any errors.


According to your (Golden Darkness') advice, I updated Ms. Yuya with:

- removed all blue hit boxes for the Kyoshiro Mibu helper

- disabled NotHitBy treatment for the Kyoshiro Mibu helper



Posted Image


Please re-download her here:  Download:  https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=7DB65F02B0BBD12E

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Oh! U become a creator in this place ! That`s surprise ! Good to be in one post , not random!


Yes I was surprised too!  Thank you Ryon!  Never thought of being added to here........or being added to here that soon!

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