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Nao by KILL update 2013


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Oh hi KILL i remember you. You that guy who that one Japanese author is blaming me for posting his Angela.

I'm sorry but I'm not Japanese and I have no edit or character with the name Angela, you must be confusing me.

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Hello everyone, I'm KILL, may not be well known around here, since I come from, mugen team mexico, as I am new to the forum, but not in mugen and I would like to show my editing Nao, so while it, I hope you like it and then show others my work, greetings.





Your edited have some points and things like True K' :)

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if you're the guy that created Kill than I love your work!!

No he is an editor and he didn't created KILL(i mean the character), his edits are Zodiac, Nao and Another Iori (as i could remember) and they are all very nice characters ^^

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