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Feudal Fight



 Hello everyone,

i am new to this forum and to the Mugen world.i think i had a mugen game many years ago,

but it was only yesterday, that i was reminded that Mugen existed.while i was looking for other

fan made games ,similar to streets of rage remake i ended up here.


i saw a few interesting mugen games and downloaded them,but the one i was really looking forward

to, i could not get.


this one..



i registered to and downloaded the game only to find that the rar file is corrupted.


that is why i decided to make a request for it.

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its ok,i am going to try and make my own ^^.i have been studying about how mugen works.

i saw many interesting, character collections on the forum.i am going to try and put them together,

with samurai shodown and last blade characters, in a mugen game, with the enemies of fear screen pack.

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Tested and it is indeed fucked


Quote from zombiebrook the uploader

i just checked it & it started downloading for me fine , i would re up it in parts to mediafire , but even though i made it , i dont have it anymore, had to delete it to make room on my hard drive


Certainly it was fucked when uploaded, so no one had or has a working copy now to repost


Shows compilation popularity i guess

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Only the screenpack/lifebars will present any minor setting up difficulty, and thats only because of the haphazard way the install is set up by different authors


Everything else is no problem at all


Grab mugen > http://elecbyte.com/downloads

Find a mugen 1.0 screenpack you like

Add the characters/stages you like


Post in the help section if you have any problems

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