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Rotom by KEKUWEKKA - 17/3/13


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[ le idle animation ]



[ le notes ]

It's not as good as mine. It's sprites aren't particularly ugly (in fact, considering the junk we seem to get nowadays, I'm relieved at their quality), it uses a, b, x and y for regular attacks (no aerials though), and c and z for projectiles (c fires them forwards, z fires them backwards), and comes with an AI (seems a little weak, but it's definitely present)...


...why am I suddenly going nuts, you ask? Let's just say, fight against it on the second+ round of a match and you'll be a bit...shocked.


[ le screenshot (no video, soz) ]



[ le download ]



On a side note, KEKU asked me to post this here in a rather polite manner. It appears he's changed his attitude for the better :)

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Looks too big...He will need a scale down imo...

I agree he is bigger then Pikachu in my roster, he will need to be scaled down.

I've told him this. He replied with:


"I was thinking of scaling it down to .5, but there were two things that stopped me:

1. Your Rotom is hi-res and I really didn't want anyone to assume I was copying it. 

2. It'd make it difficult to hit it.*"


*Something like this, but Wikia is playing up again, so I can't give the exact words used.

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Guest Kanbeikuroda

I believe he said on his userpage that he's obsessed with the little ball of plasma ;P

My pokemon obsessed pokemon is Darkrai. So I guess I would act the same. X3

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