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Koopa Troopa by DJ Hannibalroyce Updated(25/02/2013).


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This char can turn really good with a lil more work.

As for the sprites i think the are similar to the source....Dunno.

Mostly the only thing i don´t like is the isze of the char cuz looks too big and pixelated but thats all for now.

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I don´t think there is someone who havet played a Mario game well atleast on MFFA.



i mean of is custom/edited sprites which looks similar in frame rate and quality (<Thats what basically what i wanted to mean)

with the exception of some shading which looks a lil bad specially on sprites 0,21 and 0, 52 and 0,56 if you pay attention or

care of the char graphics.



I may use this one for something.

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