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Profile avatar issue fixed FULLY ×

cvsAprile and cvsSatsuki by 2 (Edited by Jadeeye)


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- Added A.I
- More Special skill
- Fixed some Special and Hyper
- New big portrait
- Satsuki: Mighty warrior. With her sword, she can attack melee suddently in a normal distance or attack long range with her Special and Hyper.
- Aprile: Have the ability to heal, she can support partner or herself. Good healer for team.
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I only tested Satsuki.


some of your moves/sprites are misaligned.

What you really do for most moves is you align them to the center of the axis. this way no matter how they land from the air , or what there doing, they'll always be in the right axis.


its notice able in the D,F, x y or z moves. and the

F,D,F a b or c moves.


and i Think her Lv3 D,F,D,F z super does way to much damage, for those hits.

maybe add more hits? and less damage?

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Thanks Ryon,


I don't think D,F,x/y/z move problem but I will notice about F,D,F,a/b/c, they would be fixed :)

About her Lv3 D,F,D,F, z super. I think it's reasonable but if you want decrease damage, just edit damage in Hitdef of Statedef 3030 and 3031 for LV3, Statedef 3020 for LV2

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