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Wreck-It-Ralph And Fix-It-Felix


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They're both weirdly coded.  Hyper attacks are done with one button, but normal attacks are done with the same buttons, so if you have any meter at all, you can't avoid doing the hypers when you attack.  Down plus any button calls a striker (Vanelope for Ralph, various Niceland residents for Felix), which also costs one level of power.  (I'm messing with the .cmd file for my own copy, to give MvC-style commands to hypers so I can choose moves more easily.  I'll probably have to go back in and do the same for the striker attacks)


The hit properties on dashing attacks and helper attacks are unlimited and unscaling, particularly for Felix.  If Felix calls the Niceland Car striker, uses the Bulldozer hyper, or even just attacks with his dashing hammer attacks (x with no meter), the attack hits once per frame of motion, rather than hitting a specific number of times and then stopping.  The dashing hammer can take off half of an opponent's health in a single (normal, non-special, non-hyper) attack, and the car and bulldozer can knock off anywhere between three-quarters and 100% of an opponent's health. Ralph's attacks aren't quite so ridiculous, but his "Wreck It" super (that makes bricks fall from the sky) does a lot of damage for a level 1.


Felix doing damage with his hammer is wrong from a story perspective, but I can understand why that was done. (If he were based only on his movie powers and skills, he wouldn't be able to do damage at all)

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Thanks for the share Cy. I have 'em both! Had to have 'em both... Saw the movie, and liked the fact that alot of the game characters were in the movie. I always have Ralph face the other bad guy team members from the movie in my MUGEN.  :awesome


Ralph VS Eggman, Ralph VS Zangief, so on so forth... I also gotta pretend he's still a bad guy 'n make him fight Felix.


I remember playing the classic arcade.

Also Ryu does look like he was hung over. X-D

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You might need to update the link of these two. It's an outdated version of Ralph & Felix and I updated them with better AI (1.0 version has a stronger AI) and they're not overpowered anymore.

i think someone already posted the updated ones. people like the overpowered version the most pretty much also

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