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Tenshi updated 2-1-13 by Hisui

Lord Batros

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according to author

Tenshi v3.0

- Revamped Defense System that includes fixes and new features. - Improved combo system for greater combo ability. - Implemented damage dampener. - Decreased damage for World Creation Press and is now an overhead. - Light and medium key stone drills will not home in on opponents anymore. All versions now have less delay. - All versions of Celestial keystone now launch up, have increased damage, and are now overhead. - Revised command for Bhava-agra. - Most basic attacks has been slown down. - Reduced the velocity of some basic attacks. - Fixes to dash and landing states. - Added envshakes for most attacks. - Removed cut-in for level 3 attack. - Fixes and changes to throw. - Overall basic damage increase. - Additional changes and tweaks to the cmd file. - Made compatible with Akiha's Kemono wo Kogasu. - Updated super effects. - New big portrait. - New voice. 1.0 version for Tenshi has been taken offline.

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