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[Portraits] Alphes-styled Touhou Portraits


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Well here's the thread where i'll post all the portraits I've done. Also if you want to contribute just post your link and i'll add your ports as well ^^



My Portraits

- 90+ Alphes Portraits Pack (Click here to download)



Other's Portraits

- Portraits by Starrz (Click image to download)

tYFtyU4.png Ypfv9T3.png xSfZ7vn.png 37e7k4V.png zWEpTiq.png


wdTfKov.png mZtCHW2.png


- Portraits by Blizzard Buffalo (Right click save as pcx)


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Just wondering, did you got there source images from pixiv? Anyways, good work as always.


They come from  gensoukyou.1000.tv

They also contain templates(?) in everyone of them...


also you swapped the getsu sisters' places while inserting Sakuya


Edit: fixed link

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