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Who asked me to fix a MK Kano (Cartoon-styled)? with a "blok" issue?






Note: this collection will be in a perpetual state of incomplete due to the massive amount of missing files following the closedown of a certain russian MUGEN warehouse back in 2015/2016.

Note 2: while it is true that this collection comprises of mostly terribly edited / coded characters, obvious palette-swaps of characters that do not originate from Mortal Kombat are not qualified to be added. (example: a "Nitara" which really is just Eni, an original character by a Japanese author called Dager, with a different palette). This rule however does not apply provided that the author has put some amount of effort in making them play like the Mortal Kombat character they're tying to emulate.

Note 3: When an author has their name in a quotation mark (example: "Mike Obrecht"), it indicates that they didn't actually make the character, but rather someone had sprite-swapped or edited their characters and left the original author's names in the .def files untouched.

Note 4: I'm very much aware that Krokodile Belmonth and Marth Belmonth are in fact the same person, but the older characters they made under the name Marth Belmonth differ a bit from their newer ones in where they are mostly sprite-swaps of other authors' digitized MK characters and thus they can be considered separate characters.


Click on the images to download!


Grayed out image: offline 







Blaze: Shazzo || Chuchoryu

Cassie Cage: Chuchoryu || Wildshark (old) || Wildshark

Chameleon: Fabry Taz || leocobainjr || Krokodile Belmonth || Marth Belmonth || Pysperion || Smoke || Chuchoryu

Cyber Ermac: "MKP"

Cyber Smoke: Krokodile Belmonth || Shadow Dio

Cyrax: AngelM || Fabry Taz || Krokodile Belmonth || Fabry Taz || Chuchoryu

Dark Kahn: Chuchoryu (old) || Chuchoryu

D'vora: Chuchoryu

Ermac: Flamekyo || Krokodile Belmonth || Marth Belmonth || Sphinxe1 || Shazzo || Shazzo "Special Ermac" || Slenderman || Slenderman + Odb718 || Slenderman + arretoman || Slenderman + comorep "DashieXP Ermac" || Chuchoryu || Chuchoryu || Fabry Taz

Frost: Fabry Taz || Shazzo || Chuchoryu

Goro: AngelM || Fabry Taz || Fabry Taz + Sookie || Chuchoryu

Hornbuckle: Rusher

Human Cyrax: Sphinxe1 || Marth Belmonth || Wildshark

Human Sektor: Marth Belmonth

Hydro: alerkina4

Jade: Fabry Taz || Krokodile Belmonth || s666 || Tenebrous || Chuchoryu

Jaxx Briggs: Chuchoryu || Chuchoryu + Wildshark || CARNAGE77 & Fede de 10 & Chimoru || CARNAGE77 || s666 || Ghost Rider

Johnny Cage: Diegoni || Fabry Taz

Kano: Binho || Binho + mete122 || Krokodile Belmonth || Ghost Rider

Khameleon: Krokodile Belmonth

Kitana: Fabry Taz || Krokodile Belmonth || Wildshark || Chuchoryu || Tenebrous

Kronika: Chuchoryu

Kotal Kahn: Chuchoryu

Kung Lao: AngelM || AngelM + comorep "Ghetto Kung Lao" || Diegoni

Li Mei: Rusher

Lin Kuei Grandmaster: Tenebrous

Liu Kang: Chuchoryu (old) || Chuchoryu + arretoman || Krokodile Belmonth || Chuchoryu (old 2) || Chuchoryu || Chuchoryu + Ghost Rider || Chuchoryu || Fabry Taz || Tyronne VB || Shazzo

Mileena: FastFlash || Krokodile Belmonth || Fabry Taz || Rusher || Tenebrous || Chuchoryu

Motaro: uri257

Nightwolf: Diegoni

Noob Saibot: Fabry Taz || JoeStar (old) || JoeStar || Krokodile Belmonth || "Mike Obrecht" || "Mike Obrecht" "Dark Noob Saibot" || Unsigned

Qhameleon: Krokodile Belmonth

Quan Chi: Ghost Rider

Queen Sindel: Rusher || Chuchoryu

Raiden: Diegoni || Diegoni + acma005 || Diegoni + Kamran Bernstein || Takeshi Takemura || Fabry Taz || Fabry Taz + Sookie || Krokodile Belmonth

Raiden [MKDA]: Chuchoryu

Rain: Fabry Taz || Krokodile Belmonth || Marth Belmonth || "Mike Obrecht"|| Wildshark "Superior Rain" || Chuchoryu

Red Robin: The Raven Effect

Red Scorpion: "Binho"

Reiko: ts3121

Reptile: AngelM || Binho || Chuchoryu (old) || Flamekyo || Krokodile Belmonth || Marth Belmonth || "Mike Obrecht" || SeanAltly + Ignis555 || Chuchoryu || Chuchoryu

Reptile [Unmasked]: Fabry Taz || KhannyPham

Ruby: "MKP"

Scorpion: Binho || Binho "Super Scorpion" || Binho + R@CE45 || Krokodile Belmonth || Marth Belmonth || SeanAltly || SeanAltly + Odb718 || SeanAltly +  d♥♥♥y128 [UNO Tag] || barany1027 || Jjkoolaid MvC2 || Chuchoryu || Chuchoryu ||  Ghost Rider [old] || Ghost Rider || Chuchoryu || Chuchoryu || Fabry Taz || Fabry Taz + Sookie || Jjkoolaid "Netherrealm Scorpion" MvC2 || Chuchoryu

Scorpion [Unmasked]: DarkonMK

Scorpion [VGFighter]: MtgamesGnM

Scorpion [Happy Tree Friends]: Rafael.corp & Scorpion's Hell

Sektor: Fabry Taz || Krokodile Belmonth || Shadow Dio || Fabry Taz || Fabry Taz + Son Bra [SSSB Mod] || Chuchoryu

Shang Tsung: Binho || Marth Belmonth || Chuchoryu

Shao Kahn: AngelM || Chuchoryu (old) || Chuchoryu || Chuchoryu + Wildshark) || Chuchoryu

ShInnok: Chuchoryu

Skarlet: Rusher (old) || Rusher

Smoke: "Binho" || CARNAGE77 & Fabry Taz || FastFlash || Krokodile Belmonth || Marth Belmonth || Chuchoryu

Sonya Blade: CARNAGE77 || LESSARD

Sub-Zero: Binho [old] || Binho || Binho "Super Sub Zero" || Binho + R@CE45 || Krokodile Belmonth || Marth Belmonth || s666 || SeanAltly || SeanAltly + Odb718 || barany1027 || Chuchoryu (old) || Chuchoryu || Chuchoryu || ATICE || Ghost Rider (old) || Ghost Rider || Flamekyo "Ultra Sub Zero"|| Jjkoolaid "Grandmaster Subzero" MvC2 || Chuchoryu || Chuchoryu || Wou Mugen KOF

Sub-Zero [Unmasked]: totaln00b || Fabry Taz

Sub-Zero [Happy Tree Friends]: Rafael.corp & Scorpion's Hell

Taven: Wildshark

Tanya: Rusher

Tremor: Dave Rattlz || "Mike Obrecht" || leocobainjr || Marth Belmonth

Triborg: LESSARD




Note: "Original" as in "originally conceived by the individual who created them" (in this case, the MUGEN creator), as opposed to characters that are an invention of the collective MK fandom such as Hornbuckle and Red Robin.



Acid: Shadow Dio

Angel: AngelM

Ben: superben2008 || superben2008

CaillouStrawberry: CaillouStrawberry & thebestmlITBM

Chaekhusoe: Dark Ninja

Cyron: AngelM

Darkon: Darkon MK (old) || Darkon MK

Devil Darkon: Darkon MK

Fabrizzio: Smoke

Inferno: Shadow Dio

Lawrence: Lawrence (old) || Lawrence

Dark Lawrence: Lawrence

Metro: Mugenstation

Michael: AngelM

 Mustard: Wildshark

Pisces: Blue Tang 24 + Dark Chaos

SF Ninja: AngelM

Shea Fong: Mugenstation

Slash: "Mike Obrecht"

Snake: Marth Belmonth

Trident: Requiem

Requiem: MKRequiem

Vextec: Mugenstation

Zho-Mai: Shazzo





MK Training Bonus: Binho

Lin Kuei Clan Bonus: Somm

Cyber Lin Kuei Bonus: Dark Ruler & Shavol

Shadow Girls Bonus: Dark Ruler & Unknown



Image result for Mortal Kombat Cartoon Screenpack


uyhV5cy.png      P1Cx9qJ.png


Mortal Kombat Cartoon Screenpack: Gabito [320x240 / Mugen 1.0]







Ermac by Dike

Kira by Teeno

Noob Saibot by Shazzo

Super Scorpion by "Binho"

Super Sub Zero by "Binho"

The Secret LOL by "Binho"






Other Mortal Kombat Collections: Main Series / Edits

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