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Donomitri (Dee) sprite pack


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Finally! This was the hardest character I ever had the misfortune of ripping and I still couldn't get him perfect cause of that blasted sword.

This isn't 100% yet. The only things missing are the blood fling from the sword for his intro and his ending. I will be getting them but they are not priority.

I tried to color separate the handle of his sword from himself. I looked through each sprite 3 times to make sure I didn't miss any pixels on the sword or accidentally color one of Dee's pixels. If you see any errors let me know and I'll fix it. All his effects are color separated as well. His sword does still change colors. Sorry about that, I should have frozen that effect before ripping.

I added a lot of values to Van's artmoney table.


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I think I have an idea to fix the palette change on the sword but it'll be a bit of work. Make a script to color all the colors on one of the swords. You can find the 3 colors of the sword in the colors folder. Color that 1 sword various shades of blue instead of red. Look through the sprites and remove all the completely blue ones. Now run a script on the remaining sprites changing those blues and the left over colors of sword 2 into shades of green. Remove all those sword sprites. Then finally change the last sword colors to yellow and then you can combine all the sprites back in the same pack and run a script to change all the swords to the same colors. I'm posting this because I won't be doing it soon. So I hope someone else would step up to do this. But if not I might try it next week.

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Finally finished again. The color separation takes the longest! But his sword is again separated. Same with lasers, Bead attacks, and all his elemental gods. All 16 colors are accounted for and the sword color change is fixed. Besides a few simple things left to get this should be pretty much finished.
Again, if you find any errors in my color separation, please let me know. And if you make any new sprites for Dee please allow me to add them to this pack with credit. Thank you and enjoy!


Artmoney table not updated. I did fond the values to change palettes but I didn't save them. Thank goodness I'd made a save state already.


New rips with all 16 colors for Dee and no palette effects on his sword using Donovan's sword's colors.

Imperfect rips for the blood intro. The method I used to rip them did not produce pixel perfect results and I could not get them with the same axis as the rest of Dee's sprites.
Look in the work files folder for an image in game of the animation for reference.

Fixed colors on electrocution animation.

-Rip his ending.-

I believe you can find all that is left in the CPS2 emulated Vampire Savior2.

Teleport smoke from Demitri
Press of Death, Beads for throw, Dhylec(sword) animations and projectile attacks from Donovan

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