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Touhou Project - Edits/Killer Edits

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I don't get which ones are cheap...
Is it the one with the Black Text?
Or the one with the Red Text?

Or are all of the edits cheap?
I want to get some characters like Gloria and Labyrinth cause they look they're nice killer edits but I rather not have them tearing my characters a new one...

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The ones with Red are 1 Hit Kill ones The ones With Black are Normal Ones And Most are yes And those Are Haceil FC2 Blog they can be found there And Yes ik Some dont like My own Creations I made rainbow edits Alot but Idk if I wanna share them People might not Like them but who knows...

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Okay so I tested both of em out and they are waaaaaaaaaay too much for my roster...
Most of their attacks have this extended range or something..

I'll keep them cause they're so cool but I'll disable them from being picked by the AI.
Thanks for the answer btw.

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Im going to Be Straight Up Honest Here.......I have been away for VERY long time And not been Active on this well Topic I Apologize for that  Stuff has been Quite  Troublesome However I dont know If Im going to Even restore or update it I have so Many Edits that people Can enjoy I need Someone to help with Links Well Hyperlinking For Links I use MEGA to Upload all my charas now So If Anyone wants well refresh me lol That be great Again sorry If I died  I just been Busy with stuff.

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