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Touhou Project - Edits/Killer Edits

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EDIT: I try to save animation set 1 for Orochi Marisa, but it comes up with some particles from animation set 6000.

EDIT2: I had to change the top slider on the animations tab to the character sprites instead of the particle sprites. I have the image file here,

Posted Image Orochi Marisa

NOTE: The image is hyperlinked.

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There is an (maybe) Alice edit Called Labyrinth made by Pre-to.

But Since she is already in Pre-to's Collection i'll just post what she looks like

Posted Image This is Labyrinth. Dunno if she can be posted here since she is in another collection.

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Please note that the characters I would like to post I will post via my mediafire in order to try and not leech from other people.

Posted Image This is the character gloria.


Posted Image this is Zetracenie.

NOTE: All the characters I upload will be hyperlinked via image (like in the collections of this forum.), so please do not think I forgot to add the link.

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