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  1. 🎊🎂🎊 👀

  2. Hey guys, I've been working Raditz (in MVC1 style) and He's done. I think I did a decent job Emulating MVC1 and also making raditz fun to play! If you find any bugs let me know! Download Screenshots: Movelist: There's a half-assed Palette template included in the zip, if you make any palettes there let me know, and I'll add them. This will probably be the last character I make for a while. I'm gonna start working on MVCVS again.
  3. -Whiplash- fights the bullshit I usually only post videos wherein I fight stupid overpowered shit. I made these today: Akuma (me) vs. Gracy Akuma (me) vs Dark storm K This is from a while ago but relevant Me and my Pal fight Death ogre (low quality Commentary)
  4. So this is an edit of Sakura's House from SFA2... with SFA3's Desolate Playground stage added to it. I got lots of help from OldGamer (he basically coded the whole thing) and some sprite assistance from 0megaturb0 (whose original stage this was edited from, but had no animation and wasn't done very well, hence this version). So, features: - Stage is LONG - Medium level super jump support - Animated Additional Screenshots: Download: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsC-tMCYJYcZlcRzV4fuSzr9nVCl0Q
  5. creating what? what do you need help with? how far have you gotten. Need more info then this buddy.
  6. I downloaded it, it's not mine, in fact, I don't even know what was changed here from the original.
  7. do you mean wait until the projectile is gone? because it looks like you can't do the attack again from itself, as there's no ctrl and you need ctrl to be able to do the attack. Try adding triggerall = numprojID(201) = 0 that will make it so there can only be one of this projectile on the screen at a time. make sure to put the triggerall on top of all the other trippers. No the character can only have on of these projectile out at a time. Hope that helps.
  8. Happy Birthday to you Man! Congrats!!! :-)

  9. -Sure: Neo fire sonic's next. -https://youtu.be/SbjXmBmHAdk
  10. - Yes, but I'm not sure when. Maybe after this next update to make the characters more accurate with data and hitboxes from the game. - Yes. I've read over 5000 issues of comic books. I like DC more then marvel, but I like marvel too, my favorite characters are Deadpool and Booster Gold. - a lot of things need to use custom states to work correctly. other then that, nothing really. - I personally don't care if you use my stuff (code or sprites) as long you credit me. however, I'd respect the creator's wishes and ask to make sure.
  11. A game starring characters from Hayate the combat butler. but there's no sprites.I would love to commission some if I ever get a good job. - Seriously? does no one know about my game at all? here. - No. there are no tournaments where I live, no competitive scene. I live in the country and have no car so there's absoloutly no way I can play anything competitively without spending a lot of money just to go to halifx. However, that said, I wouldn't play competitively anyway... I don't like it. I like playing as the characters I like for fun rather then playing whoever's top tier solely to win
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