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  1. New kfm-ultra update will be available soon. This can't go without a sacrifice unfortunately. Fatal Chungus hyper will not be included in new version due to fear of WB doing something funny. The latest version of kfm-ultra has that hyper and you can get it on my website right now if you want to. The total number of hypers will be 35 in the next update. The character will also have more extra content.

  2. Hey guys check out my new character reveal trailer!


    1. GTAguy


      Oh gee, I wonder what tomorrow day it will be...

    2. Vocalnoid


      0:30 More like April Poops


  3. Version 1.5 is now available. The new update comes with new low health hyper and minor fixes.
  4. Yo check out my newest video:


    1. thebestmlTBM


      "That'll hold em alright heh heh heh heh heh!"


  5. So how are you guys going to celebrate new year?

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    2. Red Chariot

      Red Chariot

      Not sure, probably I'll get drunk

    3. jo19sh92


      Same way I always celebrate literally anything in my life... stay home, play video games.

    4. Synck


      Me too. I'll be playing some video games since I got nothing else to do.

  6. Brand new KFM-Ultra update:


  7. Video: Changelog: Download: https://synckmugencentral667.000webhostapp.com/ Note: As you probably know, this character is not optimized for mugen 1.0. Mugen 1.1b is recommended. Also the character is not compatible with zoom stages.
  8. Man, been a while since I posted a last status update. Anyways I'm planning on releasing new version of kfm-ultra this month once I'm done with more polishing. The character will have new updated sprites and 30 hyper attacks in total. After that I might start working on something fresh and new next year if my creativity and budget allow me.

    1. thebestmlTBM


      Wow really? That's a lot of hypers.

    2. Dissidia
  9. Synck


    New version of KFM-Ultra is now available. Changelog: Correct Filename is KFM-Ultra 1.3.7z
  10. Synck


    KFM-Ultra has been updated again. This time with 2 new hypers (27 hypers in total). I had to change the website name because I had some problems with the host. https://synckmugencentral667.000webhostapp.com/ First post has been updated as well. Correct filename: KFM-Ultra V1.2.7z
  11. Synck


    Thanks. Version 1.1 is now available. Changelog:
  12. Synck


    Character has been updated again. Had to fix some minor issues on few explods. Filename is kfm-ultra v1.0 (REV 0.0.5).7z.
  13. Synck


    Character has been updated again. Filename is kfm-ultra v1.0 (REV 0.0.4).7z. Had to fix Green heart icon duration.
  14. Synck


    Character has been updated again. Filename is kfm-ultra v1.0 (REV 0.0.3).7z. Had to fix 2 hyper attacks.
  15. Synck


    I might need to change the BG of my webpage in the future xP Some people complained about static bg.
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