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  1. Added 'em. I see....should I relocate him next to O Ilu's The Spider, or ditch him altogether, then?
  2. Wow. What an obscure bunch, I actually had to look up who they are. Kudos for finding these, tako.
  3. All SF characters by Felicity, now hosted on my MEGA. Thanks in no small part to @Disins for finding them :P.
  4. Thinking of starting a new collection.....



  5. Yup. This'll be her temporary home until another collection focusing on characters from movies / TV series gets made.
  6. Just exactly what the collection lacked until now. Thanks!
  7. Tako-bro, you don't know how much of my time you've saved by posting these. I hope I can return the favor some time. 😄
  8. Even a collection comprised of 99% trashy MUGEN conversions deserves a fix, I guess. So uh....enjoy?
  9. Both Mr. Saikyo and Shin Mr. Saikyo by Tugaboy can still be downloaded from my SvC collection, but here are direct links to them for convenience :p. Mr. Saikyo / Shin Mr. Saikyo
  10. Okay but where's King Hassan at tho. Added.
  11. Oh hey, I remember downloading this long ago thinking it was the Kancolle character based on the CSS portrait, lol. Thanks for finding it again. ❤️
  12. Wow kirbey, you're fast. Update: - Added Dada (PDO-3) bykirbey & 邓v东西
  13. Even in MUGEN, I can't escape Saori Hayami. Added.
  14. Fixed the links to those three, added Gunvolt by Perroris.
  15. Update: - [Marvel Avengers Alliance] Red Skull by Lugi1276
  16. A truly reliable fellow you are, my friend. Thanks again. ❤️
  17. Update: - Nanaya_Hokuto & Shiki_Hokuto by Sion_Love
  18. Update: - A_alteisen by shyglma666
  19. CREATOR'S COLLECTION: ANTOR_M Imagine a scenario where you have to go through the arduous task of setting up a Chinese phone number and registering a Baidu account only to get these characters. Imagine no more :p. Click on the images to download! PREVIEW & DOWNLOAD LIST OF CHARACTERS Akame_Ga_Kill_1.10 (Akame from Akame Ga Kill!) BlackPrincess_Tohka (Inverse Tohka from Date A Live) Lou (Zhenhua Lou from Chaos Dragon) Oire_type_A (Orie Ballardiae from Under Night In-Birth) simikaze (Shimakaze from Kantai Collection)
  20. Another blast from the past, thanks.
  21. Not sure why you'd get a downvote for posting this. Added.
  22. Your timing to post these couldn't have been more perfect, as I was in the middle of revisiting the thread, giving it a new look and all :P. You have my gratitude as always!
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