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  1. As far as searching unfortunately not everyone clarifies specifically which version will work where. Typically you can tell just by looking in the def file and looking at versions.
  2. Greetings all, I have a screenpack that I really enjoy and don't wish to part with as I have put a lot of work customizing it. One of the things I have had players notice at the cabinet is that the stages seem to be "zoomed in a bit" during play. As in the whole camera is a bit closer to the fight, causing the most upper and lower parts of the stages to be cut off. I don't think this is so much an issue in the individual stages (though I may be wrong) and would assume this has something to do with the screenpack itself, perhaps in the system.def file. Any ideas?
  3. For someone who has been playing around in Mugen since 2006 I am embarrassed to say I don't actually know what this means. I have seen the designation "POTS" after characters in directories, either as a author or as a play style. Per example, what is the difference between POTS style R. Mika and SFA3 R. Mika?
  4. Atrium Carceri, to help me chill out with the night and breathe all the fire out of my lungs.
  5. Hey FarHarborButcher, You should check out William Birkin the Resident Evil character. He changes into a different character, or "evolves" like 4 times. Personally, I increased the requirement for him updating his form. I believe its by "Choiyer"
  6. Welcome! Yes... the mods at Archive are super ban happy... I attempted to log into there recently only to find I was banned haha.
  7. You can find k6666orochi's bowser here: Bowser 2.7 (mediafire.com) It's the best bowser I can find... and possibly the only good one.
  8. Eugene Q (CS / Custom Gameplay) link is dead
  9. For Noob Saibot Mike Obrecht(UMK3 Ver.) / The Impaler(UMK3 Ver.) Jermaine Kidd(MKP) / Cipher44 / YochiThMaster333 are all dead links As for Rain these links are dead as well Mike Obrecht / The Impaler So far its been tough to find any good copies of Mortal Kombat characters... all the MKP characters need a ton of work to fit into anything thats... well not Mortal Kombat Project and all the non MKP links are busted 😪
  10. Robo-KY MK-II: MIMI link is broken
  11. I have mugen requests if you accept commissions.. Just.. Please be fair with the pricing. : . ?

    1. Number09


      I am not nearly skilled enough to provide anything, and most of my efforts programming go to work and other projects. But if I should make anything I will be sure to post it, probably for free. 

    2. Modo_ekitz


      : > Well thats better than what most others will say.


      And look -

      Theres allll these sprites in there, Never been mugenized! Not even all of the stage sprites are included because they werent all ripped! : . We need peoples help here like yours all the time, Its beyond appreciated more than it seems.

    3. Modo_ekitz


      Or.. More simple than that.. This MK character needs some tuning im not sure how to do without messing something up that works -

       ? : x

  12. Master Roshi "original" link is no longer active.
  13. Frieza's 2nd and 3rd form by Migue84 should be purpled out since they basically have 0 content. The third form literally has one sprite and can't even move. 🗑️
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