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  1. Robo-KY MK-II: MIMI link is broken
  2. I have mugen requests if you accept commissions.. Just.. Please be fair with the pricing. : . ?

    1. Number09


      I am not nearly skilled enough to provide anything, and most of my efforts programming go to work and other projects. But if I should make anything I will be sure to post it, probably for free. 

    2. Modo_ekitz


      : > Well thats better than what most others will say.


      And look -

      Theres allll these sprites in there, Never been mugenized! Not even all of the stage sprites are included because they werent all ripped! : . We need peoples help here like yours all the time, Its beyond appreciated more than it seems.

    3. Modo_ekitz


      Or.. More simple than that.. This MK character needs some tuning im not sure how to do without messing something up that works -

       ? : x

  3. Master Roshi "original" link is no longer active.
  4. Frieza's 2nd and 3rd form by Migue84 should be purpled out since they basically have 0 content. The third form literally has one sprite and can't even move. 🗑️
  5. IronJW's Piccolo link is broken ☠️
  6. DaNaru250's Kula Diamond link is invalid
  7. Noahshines Arbok is marked as NSFW. Am I missing something?
  8. Thanks for you quick edits. Remy link by one winged angel brings to a virus attack 👹 Twelve by Rei's link is no longer active as well nor does it appear to be available through the Kung Fu Man link Shin Akuma by Kung Fu Man provided through the link is incomplete, it lacks sound and most of his specials.
  9. Makoto is not offered by One Wing Angel on the link provided
  10. Ademskie's T.Hawk should be labeled yellow/WIP since its not done Sepp's T.Hawk link is broken T.Hawk is not found in N.Mario's site link Rolento by GouSan's link is actually for the character Sakura
  11. HI! This thread seems super useful, and though its a few years old hopefully I can get a response or pointed to a new more current thread. I have attempted to input the concept behind the code into my game starting with Kung Fu Man (720p version). It appears I am missing something because it does not effect the way he plays. Per example, I tried to stop him from spamming his taunt (bow) as an AI by doing the following: [State -1, Taunt] type = ChangeState value = 195 triggerall = var(59)>0 ; use only if AI is on triggerall =abs(P2Bodydist X)>50 ; only taunts whe
  12. Hello all! I used to be a member of the "mugen community" back in.. idk.. 2008 or so? Its been about 8 years since I have interacted with the game. Some stuff has changed indeed. Much easier to find resources and a far friendly community! I recall when people would ask for help it usually would result in rage attacks. Current Projects: Making a mugen arcade cabinet for my house, ideally with a clean error free version of mugen. Skills: Graphic design. Trained in Unity, C#, and GML languages. Going back to working in mugen has been... rough to say the least. Favorite Chara
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