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  1. Its totally up to you guys if you want to keep it blacklisted or not, if you think your ready you can lift it anytime you feel comfortable. Personally I would keep it blacklisted for now, things still seem a little awkward there at the moment at MA especially for downloading purposes. I've been away from the mugen community for 3 years so I would not know what went down to lead to things the way they are now. Last time I was there was that surprise community weekend thing which restricts download to guest users who are not members or low ranked ones , it was confusing to me but I was busy uploading stuff from the old geosite websites they were shutting down within that months span around the same time the adfly debate was going on. I don't know maybe Ill suggest in the MA forums to shorten that Community weekend to day maybe Saturday or Sunday if they take consideration fine if not ok that's fine too at least I tried.
  2. Oh I see, so just needs replacing then basically just reupload the stuff from afxc again, but does this site need a backup link for it they can't get stuff from afxc?
  3. I have question? Are you referring to the files from afxc that were uploaded on MA and the all files uploaded there are gone somehow?
  4. Link to Gameboy version of Yusuke by Taruse https://web.archive.org/web/20141223040529/http://www42.tok2.com/home/nyankiryuold/chars/gb_yusuke/gb_yusuke.htm
  5. Mutal Alien bonus game by Dark ruler http://www.mediafire.com/?5b7761d1t321mr9
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