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  1. So, where it is? I don't found the stage
  2. KOF 97' - Empty Altar SO!! HERE COMES A NEW STAGE!! YEAH, NEW STAGE Lastest stage from my hands, hehe [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] http://www.mediafire.com/file/2b3d5mh702jcud7/KOF97-EmptyAltar.zip See you soon, K xx.
  3. http://www.mediafire.com/file/u0yvygtcumgr262/Spirit-of-Goenitz-KOFM.rar
  4. You need add the edits by Shiyo Kakuge, dude
  5. The pictures are corrupted or are my browser? Because, I can't see it
  6. KOF 97' - Flames of Destiny ~Flames Mix~ SO!! HERE COMES A NEW STAGE!! YEAH, NEW STAGE After a LONG time, I'm coming with a new edit by me, maybe is not super wow the stage, but I love it, soon I will use it in my YT channel [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] http://www.mediafire.com/file/5ixxb5bhs3dplc7/KOF97_Orochi_Altar-MIX_Fire.rar See you soon, K xx.
  7. I've recreated this stages, for my videos, so, I wanted to see it more colourful and more beauty, so here some screenshots, enjoy [PREVIEW] Orochi Chris REMAKE Orochi Shermie REMAKE Orochi Yashiro REMAKE+ Yamata no Orochi HYPER REMAKE So, no more words and here is the download PS: I know, O-Chris and O-Shermie stages are not hyper amazing, but something is something, so sorry. [DOWNLOAD] http://www.mediafire.com/file/vucc55veq6c2bif/OrochiAltars.zip See you soon, K xx.
  8. I've tested some stages by KAINE, but NeoDio's Stage doesn't work, is all in black, maybe a solution?
  9. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Link: Nightmare Iori-KOFM PS: I posted this char on my channel for my 100 subs, use correctly, enjoy
  10. This char have any AI patch or something?
  11. Hello! I will share my first edit, based on Goenitz by Opirus, I hope you like it! Spirit of Goenitz-KOFM
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