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  1. This is amazing but I noticed it's heavily focused on oldschool, western characters/creators. There's a whole world of unexplored private edits on Youtube, you know. I don't think there's a single (prefix) Orochi/Mizuchi (suffix) in there other than God Orochi. While you wait for hosting services to play catch the full roster would theoretically grow, it's useless. Have you consider torrenting it? 1Tb is not that much, plus it's to be secured. How many copies you have of it?
  2. Oh, Capcom's gonna be so pissed. I like it, but then again, I'm no Sonic expert. I just don't get why all the bandages.
  3. "this character looks atrocious." -david2draw, 6 years ago Fuck, I'm getting old.
  4. When I said 'regular' I meant... regular. You know, non-cheap characters. There's an awful lot of people out there who don't care for those, no, they prefer the SF, KoF and Touhou edits I mentioned before. Focusing our efforts into that, putting stuff like Legend Gold Metal Orochi in the banner might help. Anyway, Guild is so hostile (and hereby easily trolled) because the mods not only allow it, they encourage that behavior. It's little to do with all the 'pros', although I do admit they play a role in their cynical culture. You did raise an important point, though. All the newbies that g
  5. The community tends to throw a fit over creations for the stupidest things indeed. They seem to forget Mugen is not a real KoF or CvS game, just a pastime. I mean, most creators aren't aiming for accuracy but rather their own, personal vision. It's like bashing people on DeviantArt because their doodles aren't 100% accurate to the source. This is not an excuse for shitty coding or spriting, though.
  6. I was there when the Guild changed its rules and everything collapsed, friend. I know what they've been through. Hell, most of us probably do. Looking back it was all so very stupid, not to say petty.
  7. No, I'm too paranoid for social media. Facebook and Twitter are some sort of personal hell for me.
  8. Hey, I'm into Mugen for over 8 years now. Why do I get no respect? Oh, right. Nevermind.
  9. Promoting MFFA is a great idea, actually. We could use some more members and with Infantry gone, Guild has an unhealthy monopoly over Mugen. I'm sure I've mentioned that before but whatever. In my humble opinion, what brings people into Mugen are videos of their favorite characters dicking it out; doesn't matter if the actual characters are garbage, they'll find that out later. Also, speaking of the Guild, bigger userbase aside, they have more people constantly releasing new, regular content over there whereas this is 'just' a warehouse- we should be using that in our favor. Potential
  10. Ah... you can disable debug mode in mugen.cfg inside the 'data' folder if that's what you meant.
  11. s28.postimg.org/j7fx9mtf1/KFMB11.gif ---> youtu.be/mFpks7EvkQY

  12. Yep, private. Here's the creator's blog (at least I think it is): http://genespaty.web.fc2.com/ You could try your luck or ask Anime2013Freak.
  13. For a while now. Truly, Guild has an unhealthy monopoly over Mugen.
  14. I believe this is the stage you're looking for.
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