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For those still loking for that Jo Jo Bizarre Adventure Fullgame,  I found the HD version here



First link takes you to his site but mediafire took down one of his links


So if you keep scrolling, you will see where someone has reuploaded it onto another site. 


I searched hard for this but it was here the whole time (SlapsForeHead)

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This was a private screen pack edit by Zin. I been holding on to it for long time now. not sure if was release from the old MFFA server or not. so I figure its been held for long time. so please enjoy this Great work by Zin and the screenpack made by Ryon

Posted Image


Posted Image



you must use this screen pack for the patch


Yuyustars You or anybody could reupload this great screenpack again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niIyBEQ3gYY ?

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