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Dude, Bethesda only published the game. This game has been in production for almost 6 years, and I LOVE IT. Its fantastic, well worth getting. When this game was originally getting ready for packaging, they had over 150 GB worth of graphics. They had to dumb it down to 25. Its so friggin pretty. They're supposed to release a PC only patch for those people that want to spend that much space on the added graphics. I will.

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@zombiebrock: Just saw your location thing... You wouldn't happen to be in Milner, GA? :GHEYFACE: ..................... Yup, No Red light , No Gas Station outside of 5 miles either way.... but dammit Theres a Dollar General!!! * Face Palm*

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This is my own perfect Rorster with All mugen KOFUM mugen characters with 120 x 140 perfect portrait size. I like to give a big thanks you to Ryon the Founder of MFFA for help me finding most all the portrait for them. The roster is only 75% done and the small portrait been replace and some are now in there original set size and yes all these KOF Chars can do MAX2Desperation move (HSDM).

When I first started collecting them must of them UM Characters had many problem. Must of them were bugged badly. The portraits were missing with large size and most of them wont work for the muge 1.0

These characters were not easy to find and must of them were found by my good friend James Tohno Moderator from MFFA and also help me with My Roster project. The screen pack is made by R2 from Pao De Mugen.

I been working with this roster project for almost 4 month now and its almost fully complete now with few new changes and new replacement from my old roster picture I posted here.

Yuki Kushinada by Blue blood & Fervicante the portrait was round shaped and I had to clean the portrait so it can be in 120 x140

Posted Image

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Im make a roster with all my fav chars, so I tried making a specific roster for it and add that effect when the player's select icon is not on the char, the portrait will be b&w, turning out good so far

Posted Image

Btw chars in the roster

First Row:

Ryu by PotS

Kyo-Type-U by Ultrasonic50 & SamSouji

Kamijo Touma by otika

Shiki Tohno by Ina

Saber by kuri

Arcueid Brunestud by kuro

Weis by aki

K'M by MDK

Battler by Boomer

Goku Z2 by Cybaster & Balthazar

Terry by Vyn

Archer by kuri

Spiderman by Seth Zankuten

Second Row:

Evil Ryu by Vyn

Shin Gouki by PotS

Kamen Rider Kabuto by Alf

Alex by GM

Ragna by Daimonmau

Waki Miko by nyoibou

Nyal by 41

Angela-san by 風のマスターのもの

Sanada Yukimura by syouga

Sol Badguy by Muteki

Dragon Claw by Reu

Jotaro Kujo by Warusaki3

Saiki by Werewood & BoyBoyz

WAT THE F---- ima kill u......... http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//dry.png

Posted Image

Screenpack: Enemies of Fear 1.0 Custom Version

Posted Image

Screenpack: MUGEN Free For All VZ

these are smexy!!!!

Mao.....so smexy that i cud take 'em home and experiment and dissect 'em *drolls* Muhahaha

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