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hello! i am very new to making mugen chars but i am working on the sprites of my first ever mugen char: hello kitty, i know that would be a weird character to chose but i really want her in mugen and i have some ideas for her supers! :3 at the time i have 2 animations of her done: 


her stand animation:



and her strong kick animation: 




i am trying to get her basic animations done first n.n then i will work on the supers :0


i hope i can get some tips on what i could improve on her ;n.n

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Congratulations on the work so far. I had actually once thought of a Hello Kitty character a long time ago but moveset wise, she never really evolved past using Kirby style weapons for me. Hope it can grow into a full character.


I would like to suggest having the "speed blurs" thin out on her second animation on the last frames, but that is a very clean sprite otherwise.

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