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Thanks Ryoucchi for the chars ports. :)

Click in the author name to download.




Habaki: Xperimentz || Senzo: Xperimentz || Angus: The_None / Xperimentz / MelvanaInChains(Evil Angus/Joke) || Chagi: Xperimentz / DxWho

Alaric: Xperimentz / DxWho / Xperimentz(Eksel/Edit) || Thundra: Xperimentz / DxWho || Pakawa: DxWho || Danja: DxWho || Gyaku: Xperimentz || Demon Gyaku: DxWho



Stages: by DxWho & Xperimentz - Fullgame: Kasumi Vortek by Old - New

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The full game Kasumi Vortek wasn't bad. Just needs sprite work like hella crazy. I enjoyed Alaric the best out if all the characters from it. The introduction theme was really cool sounding. And the sprites for it looked awesome outside of some of the characters and stages. I hope they can get around to fixing these things so it looks good.

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