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  1. WOW! Ryon I'm loving the new MFFA banner. It looks great!

    1. Ryon


      Thanks! Can you figure out who's in there?

  2. MvC2 Fox McCloud (MvC2 edit) Released 1/16/2015

    Chotto-Komaru's Fox got patched? Thank the MUGEN gods! I tried him out earlier and Fox is pretty fun to play with and not broken and incomplete like Chotto-Komaru's was. I, being a Starfox fan thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  3. Xena:Warrior Princess W.I.P. Reloaded!

    The animations look neat and so do the sprites too! I can't want to see some alpha gamplay of Xena when she is in alpha progress don't rush it.
  4. [WiiU/3DS/NS] Super Smash Bros

    *screams* Thank Palutena Takamaru is in! I wanted him in Smash either way, either as an assist trophy or playable, glad to see him revived from the dead. Samurai Warriors 3 did no justice to him Takamaru had a shitty fight style in the game. Takamaru's model looked bad in Samurai Warriors 3. Aside from Takamaru-san, now if only we can know if Ridley playable or not. (Don't start Ridley is too big nonsense it's just as crappy and unfunny as Half Life 3 confirmed jokes)
  5. Forest of Desolation

    I hate to derail the thread but where did you find Kamen Rider Gaim?
  6. Hi everyone here at MFFA! I've been very busy with my job as a security guard that I have had little time for myself and MUGEN as well. just giving you guys the low down on whats going on with me.

    1. JokerintheButt


      Hey ! welcome back Zaibatsu how are you?

    2. Zaibatsu


      I'm fine thanks for asking.

    3. Winmugen11


      I bet you're one cool security guard any criminal scum with a bit of common sense in his mind wouldn't even think of messing with! :P

  7. [WiiU/3DS/NS] Super Smash Bros

    I might get killed for this but i can see a delay to early 2015, That's the way I see the game's development so far. What I'm saying is Sakurai said he wants to take his time making this game, not a rush job. But I have high hopes for the installment. Kid Icarus uprising was good and I'm hoping Super Smash Bros U/3DS is just as good. Brawl was okay but it was just elaborate joke to the fans.
  8. I've Returned!

    Sup my MFFA homies! I'm back! and I got laid off from my job... again. Anyway nice to see everyone here at MFFA.
  9. Sup my MFFA homies! I'm back! and I got laid off from my job... again.

    1. Ryon


      sooo mugen all day everyday?

    2. Winmugen11


      At first I was double happy for you because firstly you have returned, and secondly I thought you said you got laid on top of that. Then I saw the "off from my job...again" part, which makes me sad for you. I hope you find something else sooner than later!

  10. I know a lot of you weren't expecting this to happen to me but I had to say it. I have to temporarily, that's right! temporarily quit on MUGEN after 4 years of messing around on it. I've been under a lot of stress from work and I had zero time to recover from it and my doctor told me to stay away from the computer for a while so that's done with. It's been fun here at MFFA and I guess MFG too... I'm sorry to the people who relied on me to sprite for them your on your own for now.... I might come back to MUGEN when I recover from my stress. Adios to my best friends Laharl, Ryon, Kanbei, Daniel, and Winmugen11 you guys are the best I'll be seeing you around.
  11. is it a single layered stage or not?
  12. My security company hired me back, I have my old job back YAHOO!

    1. Winmugen11


      Choose for security = choose for Zaibatsu

      Congratulations bro! ;)

    2. Pluscross


      Nice to be employed back into somewhere you actually enjoy. Probably one of the best experiences in being happy one person can have.

    3. LansingWolverine
  13. Koopa Castle Stage - Released

    I think stages might be your forte AX stick with it.
  14. There has been too many Shiki Nanaya/Tohno and Kohaku made for MUGEN so far. But did anyone mention that there are to many cheap Soras from Kingdom Hearts? No?

    Your a fucking idiot to even think Ax even tries to make stuff decent and Ax has put ZERO to no effort in his creations let alone his sprite work. How can I put this? OH YEAH he doesn't even at least try at all. There's never been anything decent by Ax I'm done feddbaking to him he doesnt even listen! it's just a waste of my breath "well text at least".