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  1. ~ Share Funny Pics, Gifs and Vids

  2. FAWN #22 (Sep 10 - 16, 2017) - New Species?

    I'm really liking the Gaming News section WR, nice work.
  3. New issue of the Mutha Fuckin Fawn is on the loose!  Check it out here!


    Fixed color of circles that mark new posts in a forum on the front page. Fixed color of text in status updates.
  5. ~ Share Funny Pics, Gifs and Vids

  6. MFFAWN #19 (Aug 20-26, 2017) - Drunk & Disorderly

    That top pic is gold!

    Fixed up the X on tags in post tops. Enabled reactions to status updates. Much more to come soon. The forum software just put out a major upgrade. Most of the new features remained disabled, however, as our host's tech support is currently examining the site to see if they can help with the bug. Once that trouble ticket is resolved, the new lights will flicker on. As for now, the site remains in "maintenance mode".
  8. MFFAWN #18 (Aug 13-19, 2017) - Return of the Faun

    Awwww yes!!!
  9. Tronald Dump thread

    Have fun :)
  10. LEGACY 1.1 RELEASED BY NoZ 9/6/14

    Damn, that's gorgeous.
  11. Bug Trap

  12. Welcoming for New Staff!!!

    Hello MFFA peoples! Lasses and Gents, We would like to welcome our newest staff member to the team: @White Ranger He's joining the News Staff and is going to be working on some brand new Mutha Fuckin Fawn issues in the near future, so keep an eye out! Please give him a proper welcoming, and let him know what kind of hell on you'll be raising on his watch in the future!!! And remember, he has mod permissions on all the News forums, so treat any of his interventions with respect :) Welcome aboard good sir! May your stay be long and prosperous!
  13. Bug Trap

    I've figured out how to trigger the profile error component of the multi-post bug manually. For whatever reason it does not cause the multiple posts component to trigger, but this does mean that we don't have to wait a week per attempt to diagnose at least that part of it. If in fact the 2 parts are distinct.