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  1. The Rules 1 ~ Do not abuse the stream keys!!! Part of that mean do not share them!!! See the Guidelines for our Warnings and Bans system. 2 ~ Treat this stream as you would your own. Do not stream any content that violates intellectual property rights, or is otherwise illegal in any way. Doing so can result in up to 3 warning points, which is an instant non-permananent ban. 3 ~ This feature is for members to legally stream games, game related content, and discussion. Please keep it to just that.
  2. HOW TO STREAM YOUR PERSONAL TWITCH CHANNEL ON MFFA 1 ~ Reply to this thread with your Twitch username and channel link. 2 ~ I will add you as an approved streamer on the Live Gaming Lounge. 3 ~ Any time you steam to your Twitch channel, it will also be streamed here in the Live Gaming Lounge. Chat's will remain separate however. 4 ~ If you ever want to be removed from the list, again, reply to this thread and I'll remove you. That's all there is to it. So if you've already got a Twitch channel that you use regularly, and you'd like to stream it here, the more the merrier. Take advantage of our calendar app to let people know you're going to be streaming right on the forums front page.
  3. Reserved jic.
  4. Testing saturday double post bug theory? 

    1. RMaster007


      Guess what error occurred again. Y'all need to run a better site

    2. jenngra505


      Yep, it's Saturday alright.

    3. RMaster007


      Saturday is the day we shouldn't use this site

  5. OBS best settings for live streaming 2017
  6. New stuff as of Jun 14, 2017 ~ Added Site Overview sub-forum to Introductions. ~ New Icons ~ Live Gaming Lounge finally in 1.0 form. ~ International sub-forum added to Random Chatter section. ~ Global Holidays sub-forum (broken down by continent) added to International forum. Holidays auto-post there by the Chronologician bot. ~ Added Outpost Center sub-forum to the Travel Station. MFFA's posts on google+, twitter and steam are auto-posted there (with links to their originals) by the social media helper bot. ~ All forums / sub-forums now follow the same layout, with the main forum not having content, but only being a container for all the 1st level sub-forums. This mean creating a new sub-forum in a couple forums to move the content to. Forums that this change applied to (Introductions, News, Mugen Theater, Gaming, Random Chatter, Staff HQ,) ~ As of now, MFFA exists on: Steam, Twitch, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Facebook
  7. Yes, the title of this thread was my test to get into the 19th circle of hell.
  8. The only thing I can think about now when I hear the name of this show is that guy getting his head crushed by the Mountain. That shit. Was fucked up.
  9. Demo Event

    This is just here to show what a live streaming event looks like. Easy as making a new post. Check out the Ikemen Dojo to live stream mugen (ikemen) or the Live Gaming Lounge in the [ GAMING ] forum to see about live streaming your own random gaming adventures with live commentary from Discord. This particularly fine event has Request RSVP enabled so the streamer can get an idea of either the audience size or commentators willing, or whatever is suggested in the event post.
  10. The forum / sub-forum structure is now consistent throughout the entire site. 

    All main forums (e.g. news ) just act as 'containers' for their sub-forums.  And if there was any content on the forums main page, a new sub-forum was created to house that content. The forums that were effected, from top to bottom, were:  Introduce Yourself, News, Mugen Theater, Gaming, Random Chatter and Staff HQ.

    Again, each of those now has a new sub-forum in it that houses the content that used to be on it's main page.

  11. Un sujet pour les francophones!