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  1. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Just as the arms came close to the unsuspecting two shadows came from both sides...
  2. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    With the statue shattered to pieces, along with a few windows... Shadow Wolf waits with Murieann until her escort arrives... You look beat Murieann. With all that's going on you gotta be at your best or you may not see tomorrow. You've seen quite a bit of action today. I'm used to looking at the world through a scope while hiding in the shadows, but you still have blood on your weapon from that kid. Yeah...I know about him. I was told you impaled him...and continued to fight with him still dangling from your weapon. The beserk demon as well. My heart can be cold, but you are scary...even to ME at times. I'm glad we're on the same side. Shadow Wolf attempts to put Murieann at ease as she awaits her escort. On the outside he appears to be at ease, but the ever ready veteran watches Murieann closely. He knows that her mind is not stable and she is teetering on the edge of her own...."self control"...
  3. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Shadow Wolf communicates with Type K.... (That was a close one...) Type K! You'll need to really think before you act. The arms on that thing will turn your body into "robot pudding" if you're not careful! Get ready! (It's distracted now's my chance...) Seal...Evil... While the creature was focused on Murieann and Type K, Shadow Wolf channels his energy into his gun and fires a single shot at the beast. If the shot connects it has 2 results. One, if the creature is "Undead", has a base element that is "Dark" or has significant "Evil" in it's intentions then the shot will "Petrify" the creature turning it to stone. Two, if none of the above applies it will cause critical damage to the target.
  4. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Ocelot contacts Shadow Wolf... Shadow Wolf. I need you to get to these coordinates. 15k is assisting Murieann in an effort to take down a mysterious creature. It uses Lighting, Fire and Ice elemental powers. I suspect your skill will be beneficial in this battle. Understood. I'm already near the location. I tailed 15k from a distance stance. I've been observing the beast. I think I have a technique that will work. But only if my calculations are correct. If not, I may need to enlist the aid of a fellow "shadow"... Sounds like "fun." what is necessary. Hakumen. Please inform Murieann of the mission update. Indeed I will. Murieann! If you can hear me, there has been a change of plan. Shadow Wolf is position. He's hidden, but he has the creature in his sight. Create an opening and Shadow Wolf will do what he does best. Shadow Wolf takes aim at the creature. If Murieann stuns the creature again, Shadow Wolf will use "Seal Evil".
  5. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    The 2 guards were sliced and fell to the ground dead. The other 2 used the Murieann's distraction to escape. They alert others of their situation.
  6. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    2 guards are struck by the 2 arms and their bodies slow down. They feel an extreme cold sensation. 2 of the other guards run inside and abandoned building.
  7. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    The lightning hits the buildings of the alleys the guards had took cover down. The guards were pinned down without much to use against the monster. They scatter in four directions around the parameter of the area where the monster is in hopes that backup will soon arrive... The guards Type K but unable to identify him because of the smoke. One of the guards recognizes the pattern of lights on Type K's body and inform the others that he believes him to be an ally. They contact Ocelot and Hakumen... Roger that. One of the guards described what sounded like on of the ally androids associated with YorHa. Possibly Type K. He's arrived at the scene to give assistance. Yes...very well. I'll will give that to Murieann. Murieann! Come in. Type K is already at the scene. I'd like you to work with him and dispatch the creature. If possible immobilize and detain the beast. A pickup team will be sent to recover it. Gather and retain data on the best and report to me. If it becomes too dangerous to capture, destroy the beast. Is that understood? If the beast is captured, KOTF will capture and aquire knowledge of the creature's strengths and weaknesses...
  8. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    The 2 Knights narrowly escaped as the arms came within inches of severing their bodies as they crawled under the car to the other side. The other 2 spread out as the large fireball hits the concrete and almost instantly begins to very slowly melt it's way there's the road as fire and slag scatters around the area. The masks of the guards hid the intense feeling of facing a foe that seemed unscathed by their efforts. The toss a smoke grenade and switch to thermal vision as they spread out into various alleys trying to by time. The guards report back to Ocelot who relays the message to Hakumem... Murieann! I'm sending you the coordinates of the monsters position. So far the guards have reported ice, fire and possibly lightning elemental abilities. It seems unfazed by normal non-elemental attacks. Take it down by any means necessary that also ensures the safety of civilians in the area. If necessary allow any guards in the area to retreat. If any further assistance is needed we'll send the appropriate backup. Do you understand?
  9. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    The flying arms plunged into the cars the guards were hiding behind. The the ice shards lodged deep into the cars the other guards were behind. The guards quickly realized that there weapons were having no effect on the creature. They quickly contact Ocelot... effect... magical?! Right. Hakumen! The creature seems unaffected by conventional weapons. Also it seems to demonstrate the ability to shift elements. We need to contact Murieann. Ahhh... Murieann. I'm sure she'd be up to the task. If this creature is truly a "magical" beast, she is well suited for this job. I'll contact her. Come in Murieann! This is Hakumen! Hakumen contacts Murieann...
  10. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    The guards see the creature has no intention of complying with their demands. The 4 guards spread out and take cover behind cars. 1 guard tosses an grenade just under the legs of the body portion. 1 guard shoots the grenade causing it to instantly explode. 2 of the other guards each begin to shoot at each one of the arms focusing on the large green glowing "vents" on the tops of each.
  11. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    As the creature moved through the streets, the people inside de their homes were terrified at the sight of the creature. Reports flooded in to the the Knights of the Forsaken that a strange creature was seen walking the streets. Moments later, 4 guards in the immediate ar a arrived to investigate. You! Identify yourself! We are the Knights of the Forsaken! This area is under Martial Law and it is prohibited for you to be out! You are in violation and appear to be endangering the citizens of this area. If you do not cease and desist IMMEDIATELY, we will use force to detain you. The guards point their guns at the creature and prepare for his response. They give it a chance, but could tell that this creature wasn't one to reason with...
  12. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    So 13P has turned coat as well... interesting. I guess monkey see monkey do. It's no surprise that YorHa would want to check in on their merchandise. Very well. Continue with your mission. If I encounter 13P or any of the terrorists from before, then I will alert you as well as any Knight's in the vicinity. I know that 13P is your priority, but your cooperation would be most... appreciated.
  13. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    They were scattered about throughout the slums. But many of them fled. Some were not so lucky. Also 2 of our own may have joined them. Rokurou and Type 5. Rokurou escaped ran of with one of the terrorists. I was informed that he used a cover to get past the guards, but his real intention was to defect from the Knights of the Forsaken. Although you probably have that information already. Type 5 however...was not so fortunate. I saw him explode into pieces with my own eyes. So he will not be a problem. As far as I know the others are either still here or have left the area. The last place I saw any of them were crossing the parameter outside the slums and entering the sewers. Most likely to avoid the guards. What is your current priority mission? Unaware that 5T had been replaced and I as in Candor, Shadow Wolf is confident that at least one of the defectors is eliminated. However that is not entirely true... Thank you for your cooperation. I hope everyone enjoys their stay. The maid notices the some of the heroes leave and inform Darkflare... Keep an eye out for them to return. I wish they'd get some rest but it's their decision... Affirmative. Actually that's a great idea. I'm sure we could use such a skill on the battlefield. It will put you in the heart of battle, but it will most likely prove to be a grest asset to our team. I agree. That kind of power will come in handy. We have quite a task, and there will most likely be a need for...ahem...some healing. In fact thinking of all need healing...right now. LightFlare chuckles as Darkflare makes light-hearted conversation. But he knew Anna's proposal is quite serious and that Anna's abilities will be crucial to ANY battle situation.
  14. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Sounds like a good idea. Except... Except none of you have a place to stay. Maybe some of you could have crashed at his place for while but, our...heh, resident "hero" thought with his fists. He's strong...but not necessarily smart. I'm a solder. Though many have followed my lead...but I guess you can make a bad decision every once in a while. And now I'm just as homeless as the rest. I can't go back. If only I had went alone. I wonder how Shovel Knight an the others are doing. It seems yet again I have to give you a place to rest your THICK head. But I will see if we can make accommodations for the others as well. It may not be comfortable, but it should do. We have a couple rooms available. Because of all the travelers we get, it's necessary to have lodging available. I'll inform the Hisui outside to make preparations. (I knew something was up with him...) (What is his deal?) In here, I'm in charge. And if there is a problem it needs to be discussed.
  15. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    "Come together as one...?" Lol... I'll he sure to tell everyone to come in their giant lions so we can form Voltron. But seriously... thanks for being a good sport.
  16. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Yeah... that's right. Man I forget so quickly...but at least you have a phone. I took a stab in the dark there. How bout this? Darkflare, if she showed a picture of her friends to the maids, could they let them in when they arrive. I guess that may not include the others, but at least those 2 will get in. Or will you give a pass to anyone Hugh and Ludger vouch for? @Darkflare
  17. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    As the heroes gather, LightFlare begins to wonder about team 2... Hina...have you spoken to Hugh and Ludger yet? Perhaps you could call them? @Mister Fael
  18. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Kyo? Well... it's good to see you. Don't tell me you were summoned here too?
  19. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Indeed. From what I know, it usually involves changing one material to another. But I've heard it being used for much darker purposes. But, I have no proof of such a claim. Just rumors. Hmm... Ocelot. Who is he exactly? A wealthy man? A weapons dealer? Machines...ok. That must be what they meant by, "not alive."
  20. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    So... that's 2 more who died. And a Red Knight? If she took down 2 of us on her own, she must be formidable. If she's under a spell, then the Knights may be using more than just Advanced Technology. It's possible that they maybe using magic... maybe even Alchemy.
  21. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Good stuff, Darkflare. So...any ideas anyone?
  22. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    DarkFlare...I'm glad you could make it. The rest of you as well. This situation has gotten very dark in a short amount of time. There may still be some of us who haven't shown up yet. As far as I know we've already had one casualty. I here may be more, we'll find out when the rest show up. We can then put all our information together and form a plan from there. Here's what I know: Based on the events from visit to the Slums, I became a target. I truly apologize. My intention was to go alone, but that didn't happen. As a result, I became a target of a group of soldiers called The Knights of the Forsaken. They are a subdivision off the Royal Knights. From what I'm told, their purpose is to...protect...the people of the Slums. Hakumen, their leader uses this message to seemingly brainwash the people of Slum Village. His main driving point is that the people of the slums have been ridiculed and cast aside for too long. Originally, the Knight's we're composed of Knight's who were chosen or volunteered for the position. But some say, "other" begin to appear. No one knows where they came from, but they some of them aren't exactly human...or even "alive." I'm not sure what that means, but I'm sure if we work together we can decipher this situation. Rokurou, correct? If you truly are no longer with them, then maybe you can help give us some inside information. Anyone else got any additional info, now is the time to fill us in... LightFlare looks around the room waiting for any one to respond...
  23. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Double post