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  1. Happy Birthday, Sir Ryou! 🎂

  2. Now it's time to say goodbye, 2018, because we are at 31st December.
    Let's say "Hello" to the new 2019 year.

  3. Wait, vo-jk made Mewtwo? Hm. I also made SSB Ultimate Soundpack for PichuMario's second Pichu: https://sites.google.com/site/yochismugensite/my-creations/palettes-addons (yeah, link is same as my all other soundpacks and palettes)
  4. Wait, that Chinese MUGEN creator made another Mew? Is vo-jk's Mew better than the existing one...?
  5. Reuploaded EvilDarkLXS' stages to mega from blacklisted site (beware: there are many links (there are 31 at this time), so that's why I put spoiler here to... save space for this post or what?):
  6. Either I or Uncle Plas need time to reupload your stages to somewhere else than one you mostly upload here.
  7. This collection includes characters and stages from Grand Theft Auto series. KEYS: RED - Offline YELLOW - Work In Progress 3D - Character uses 3D model rendered as 2D sprites 1.0+ - MUGEN 1.0 and 1.1 only 1.1 - MUGEN 1.1 only CHARACTERS GTA III Claude: Son Bra Is Good (3D) / Sandler98 (3D) GTA VICE CITY Tommy Vercetti: EX_DANIEL_97 (3D/1.1) GTA SAN ANDREAS Carl "CJ" Johnson: randy big head / Son Bra Is Good (3D) / Sandler98 (3D) | Lance "Ryder" Wilson: randy big head - JackSweg's Edit | T-Bone Mendez: randy big head GTA LIBERTY CITY STORIES Antonio "Toni" Cipriani: Son Bra Is Good and Wrestling Revolution Mugen (3D) GTA IV + EFLC Niko Bellic: Son Bra Is Good (3D) / Sandler98 (3D) STAGES GTA III Marco's Bistro by Wrestling Revolution Mugen GTA VICE CITY Ocean View Hotel by byLegendZ GTA SAN ANDREAS Los Santos by nightblue6678 | San Fierro by nightblue6678 | Las Venturas by nightblue6678 | Doherty Garage by Kiloshi | Doherty Garage by Zadkiel Mugen | San Andreas Hospital by scornax GTA IV + EFLC Liberty City by Saiyajin Mui GTA V GTA V Stage by Pipipi | Los Santos by Infantry00 | Grove Street by byLegendZ | Vinewood Hills by byLegendZ | Del Perro Pier by byLegendZ | Rockford Hills by byLegendZ | Welcome to Grove Street by CoolAnimeHustler | North Yankton by byLegendZ OTHER All we had to do was follow the damn train, CJ! (joke stage) by YochiThMaster333
  8. You also forgot Oliver as Latias' Engineer (Dell). He's from Overtime (for those who are wonder what is Overtime (game), it is Undertale AU with all characters were replaced by Team Fortress 2 characters): https://gamebanana.com/skins/158984
  9. Hello everyone! I present you a MvC2 Pokemon which is... MARILL! For now, it does have 2 specials and 2 supers. I may add more. Download it! Feedbacks and suggestions are welcome! :) Also because of MFFA site errors, I had to wait to release it on MFFA before it (MFFA) comes back.
  10. Okay, I got it. I was not enough gentle in this text file...
  11. So, uh, you even forgot to add my MvC2 Marill: Link is same as my MvC2 Emolga character.
  12. Added Tommy Vercetti and Zadkiel Mugen's Doherty Garage stage to the collection.
  13. Welcome back, MFFA! I missed you for all October!
    Plus I changed my pfp to animated one.

  14. vo-jk updated his own paqi (Pachirisu). Now when paqi gets hit, it's immidately teleports. This can be fixed, though. UPD: nvm, my Dropbox finally uploaded that update, so no link change. I also updated my soundpack that it will work on vo-jk's paqi. I also added one patch to remove teleports after being get hit UPD2: I also made a shiny palette for this paqi. Link is still same as my Pokemon voicepacks
  15. Well I found this 3D Pachirisu (which is called "Paqi") in MUGEN Archive, reup'd to Dropbox by myself: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z5z7okoc8s0q9ti/paqi.rar?dl=0 Unlike other versions of Pachirisu, this 3D Pachirisu uses adult male voice (as opposed to Pachirisu's voice in anime and games). UPD: I made a soundpack for that paqi, that uses actual Pachirisu's voice. Link to this soundpack is same as my Torchic soundpack.
  16. I had to replace Marine with Mighty cuz I lost interest on Marine the Raccoon.
  17. Some full game I'm working on In this video, Sonic, Tails and Pikachu are placeholders for now. Approximate characters list: Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic Tails Knuckles Shadow Amy Rose Cream Rouge Mighty* Silver Metal Sonic Metal Knuckles Emerl Bean Super Sonic Super Tails Super Knuckles Dark Sonic Hyper Sonic Super Amy Jack the Hedgehog (Sonic Fan Character) Mecha Sonic*** Pokemon: Pikachu Eevee Riolu Emolga Marill Ivysaur Jigglypuff Vaporeon Jolteon Flareon Pachirisu Mudkip Azumarill Raichu Celebi Chikorita Pichu Plusle Minun Charmander* Mewtwo*** Secret characters: Black Eevee**** Oshawott Piplup Mario** Geese Howard** What these asterisks does mean: * This character is not made by me, althrough it uses Pikachu as base. ** Guest character *** Boss character **** Final Boss(?)
  18. You forgot to include Saffron City stage that was made by atomicdog2020: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xto4cnv7inbqksr/saffron.zip?dl=0
  19. Added Sandler98's Claude (misspelled as Claude Speed, but Claude from GTA III and Claude Speed from GTA 2 are not same character), Carl "CJ" Johnson and Niko Bellic to the collection. They are found at MUGEN Archive, but I reuped 'em to Dropbox. Also despite using Son Bra's sprites, they have much different gameplay. They are for collection purposes, I think.?
  20. If you ask me "What happened to your SSB Marill?", well, I'll answer you like this: I had to cancel my SSB Marill since I want to make another Marill that will use my own spritesheet. And instead of using SSB gameplay, I'll use MvC2 gameplay instead (similar to my MvC2 Emolga). Sprites were drawn by myself from scratch (yes, Ik that drawing sprites from scratch is too hard for me but I tried my best)
  21. My avatar has somehow deleted, but I returned it back.

    1. Oliver As Latias

      Oliver As Latias

      You think it just DELETED yours? Have you even looked around and heard what RobotMonkeyHæd said?

  22. Ok here's a place where all my sound packs for various characters (including Pokemon) goes to my site: https://sites.google.com/site/yochismugensite/my-creations/palettes-addons I made recently (incomplete) English soundpack for YAMAKICHI's Achamo/Torchic. Hopefully you will add this to my collection.
  23. MisdreavusLord's Tepig is down. Will someone reupload him?